How Much Does Israel Cost The Average American?

April 18, 2012 at 12:28 am

While so many Americans are subsisting on food stamps, losing their homes, and accumulating credit card debt they will never be able to pay off, the US is giving Israel $3 billion in direct foreign aid every year and, according to Congressman James Traficant, another $12-17 billion in indirect aid such as valuable military equipment deemed “scrapped,” loan guarantees, and preferential contracts. Israel is an affluent country with more than 10,000 millionaires and, according to the International Monetary Fund, was one of the few economies that weathered the 2008 financial storm nearly unscathed.

It’s hard to calculate the exact amount of foreign aid America gives Israel every year because the Israeli lobby in America secretly campaigns to give the tiny desert nation as much under-the-table aid as they can secure. In 1992, AIPAC President David Steiner was caught on tape bragging about his organization’s incredible power in America. Steiner first admitted to manipulating the US Secretary of State into giving Israel more foreign aid. Steiner said he, ”met with [Secretary of State] Jim Baker and I cut a deal with him. I got, besides the $3 billion, you know they’re looking for the Jewish votes, and I’ll tell him whatever he wants to hear … Besides the $10 billion in loan guarantees which was a fabulous thing, $3 billion in foreign, in military aid, and I got almost a billion dollars in other goodies that people don’t even know about.”

According to the General Accounting Office (GAO), Israel operates the largest spying operation on America of any of our allies, and they use some of their intelligence gathering to steal American business secrets, which costs the US jobs and money. The two largest and most powerful Israeli lobbies in America, AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League, have both been caught red-handed spying for Israel (see the 2005 AIPAC Scandal and 1993 ADL Spying scandal). Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the FBI rounded up more than a hundred Israeli spies who were caught infiltrating dozens of federal agencies. It was one of the largest spy rings in American history.

If the American government took the $15-$20 billion it gives Israel every year and put it into a savings account for the 4.5 million babies born p/yr, every American would receive $8,000-$10,500 upon turning 18 years old. In another option, the US government could give the money away in a lottery and make 15k-20k Americans millionaires every year. Either of these options would provide an incredible boost to the US economy. But the truth is that $15-$20 billion per year is probably just scratching the surface when we look at the cost of America’s relationship with Israel.

Dr. Thomas R. Stauffer, a world renowned economist who taught economics and Middle East studies at Harvard as well as serving twice in the Executive Office of the President on a task force for oil imports and controls, estimated that as of 2002 (in 2002 dollars) Israel has cost the US $3 trillion. His estimate took into account direct military aid, political support, oil price increases as a result of conflicts, and peripheral/hidden foreign aid. It should be noted that this figure would be a gross understatement today because much of the cost of supporting Israel has been accrued since 2002 in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the Iran war mongering, which has led to a dramatic increase in oil costs. In addition, inflation has increased considerably since 2002 and would therefore make the figure significantly larger today.

In Stauffer’s estimation, US aid to Israel costs 275,000 American jobs per year due to unfair trade imbalances and sanctions on Israel’s enemies. In one example of under the table aid, Stauffer pointed out that the US actually gave Russia and Romania billions of dollars in undeclared aid to facilitate Jews moving to Israel. The US has also spent hundreds of billions in the region to secure friendly relationships with Israel. John McCain admitted in an interview that US aid to Egypt is really just a bribe so the Egyptians will maintain friendly relations with Israel. The US has also given Turkey and Greece billions for the same purpose. The cost of America’s relationship to Israel today adjusted for inflation and including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is likely to be in excess of $5 trillion, or $16k per American.

A summary of Stauffer’s breakdown can be found here: 

First, we have to identify what Israel brings to the relationship, which as former CIA Chief Michael Scheuer points out in the video below–amounts to absolutely nothing. Not only is Israel a terrible ally, attacking America in at least two separate false flag attacks (See the lavon affair and the USS Liberty) and actively spying on America, but it it isn’t really the “only democracy in the Middle East” as the Israelis like to claim. Many Arabs in Israel can’t vote or even live with their spouses. Israel is a racist apartheid state that separates Arabs and Jews in separate and totally unequal schools and facilities, as the following article Jewish Israelis are the worst Anti-Semites On The Planet details: As such, America’s support of Israel causes great damage to America’s relations with oil producing states in the region.

Most Americans view Israel as an ally on the front lines fighting terrorists so Americans don’t have to, but nothing could be further from the truth. The few Islamic terrorist attacks on America in the last 50 years were all a result of America’s support for the Israeli apartheid regime. After September 11, 2001, the media claimed the terrorists attacked because they: “hated our freedom.” The terrorists however stated on record that they attacked America because of its support for Israel. After all, if terrorists were going to attack a country because of its freedom they would have attacked the Netherlands or Switzerland.

The only people arrested on 9-11 were Israeli Mossad agents who were seen filming the attacks and then celebrating afterwards. The Dancing Israelis, as they were late known, were arrested in a van that had contained explosives and a box cutter, which was identical to the ones used in the terrorist attacks. They all failed lie detector tests about their role in the attacks. Before the US government classified all information on Israel’s involvement in 9-11, the FBI officially concluded that Israel had to have known of the attack before 9-11-2001 and didn’t warn the US. After the attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We are benefitting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.” He also said, “these events have swung American public opinion in our favor.”

America has spent countless treasure and lives invading Afghanistan and Iraq for Israel’s security. It’s amazing that this factual statement is still in debate today, but to clarify, Iraq had no capacity to threaten America’s security. Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction or any connection to Al-Qaeda. Many Americans think their government invaded Iraq for oil, but that is completely false. America gets the vast majority of its oil from Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, and Venezuela rather than the Middle East. If America’s goal was truly to secure further energy resources it would have built a pipeline from Canada or invested in its plentiful natural gas reserves rather than spending a trillion dollars bombing and destroying Iraq’s oil production capacity and then taking no oil for its efforts.

The architects of the Iraq war, Pearl and Wolfowitz, were both closely tied to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which mercilessly campaigned for the war. The book The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy puts the primary blame of the Iraq invasion on AIPAC’s merciless lobbying for war. In January 2003, AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr stated, “quietly lobbying Congress to approve the use of force in Iraq” was one of “AIPAC’s successes over the past year.” Jeffrey Goldberg reported during a profile piece of AIPAC’s policy director Steven J. Rosen that, “AIPAC lobbied Congress in favor of the Iraq war.”  The American media, which happens to have a disproportionate representation of zionist executives (see the video below or this article for proof), censored all those who disagreed with the war and labeled them unsupportive of the troops and traitors.

The Israeli lobby and the Israel-supporting mainstream media are now campaigning for a war in Iran. If Israel and the US strike Iran, gas prices will likely reach $6-7 a gallon, which will have a dramatic impact on the average American. In fact, just the warmongering alone by Israel and the zionist controlled American media has caused nearly a $1 price hike. This costs the average American an extra $123 per month or $1,476 per year. With the current gas prices near $4 a barrel, the average American will spend 9% of their total income on gas. If America or Israel attack Iran, most experts estimate that it will cost the average American an additional $2952-$4428 per year.

Even though Israel takes a great deal of money from the US in direct aid and even charitable donations from Jews and Christians, according to Official Direct Assistance (ODA) Israel is one of the stingiest developed countries in the world. Israel is one of the richest countries on the planet, but gives nearly 10 times less than the world average and gives the 4th least of any developed nation per capita, only barely beating out much poorer countries like Poland, Hungary, and Turkey. So while Israel took in $3 billion from America in direct aid and $12-17 billion in the other aid measures mentioned above, they only gave $141 million in foreign aid to nations in need of assistance in 2010.


  • Nas

    Finaly some truth

  • sicko

    The U.S. has been bought and paid for and controlled by the Jewish lobby. Israel has blackmailed almost every person in our Congress in order to do their bidding.

    • Johanna Roberts

      That is PURE hogwash. Where are your facts for such an audacious statement?

      • Pat Kittle

        Spare us the Poor-Little-Brave-Innocent-Israel hooey.

        As you know, we can simply Google [ "Israel lobby" controls US ] and find all kinds of views on the matter — NOT only the pro-Zionist ones you want us lowly Gentiles to see.

        Even Jews sometimes can’t help bragging about it in public. As the Jewish Joel Stein said (in the Jewish Los Angeles Times):

        “…I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media,
        Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to
        keep running them.”
        — [ ]

      • John Vekich

        It’s called common sense….something not used much anymore.

  • someone

    you are fucking retarded, israel is helpful in all ways and a great alli, kill yourself.

    • Pat Kittle

      Thanks for letting us know what you Israel lobbyists think of us Gentiles.

      How dare us question how much we give you!

      • handsome human

        ‘Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world – only to serve the people of Israel’. – Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

        • Yahuza Mohammed

          Do you really believe that comment?

      • Nicole4Gaza

        Israelis often refer to gentiles as “Goyum” which means animal. Lovely beliefs towards gentiles who treat them as God’s chosen people. I wonder if gentiles are referred to as Goyum because they are inferior or is it that they can be controlled like sheep… little bit of both?? Maybe???

        • brynababy

          Where the hell did you get your info?! Goyim simply translated, means Gentile.


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  • common man

    israel is eating the shit out of america, & america has become a keep of israel.

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  • NorthendFool


    • blight14


  • Tin

    Part of the problem is American Christians view going against Israel, or stepping away from Israel’s problems, as being the same as forsaking God, or going against the will of God. It’s as if not supporting Israel is the same as being against the Christian principals and beliefs upon which this country was founded.
    Until the American people wake up to the fact that we are being used by Israel, and that a vast majority of our problems are a direct result of our relationship with Israel, nothing is ever going to change.
    Whenever we discuss Israel and the Jewish people, we think of the Holocaust and the ordeal of Jewish people in prison camps; a terrible thing to live through to be sure. However, we conveniently forget, or over look, the atrocities the Jewish people themselves have perpetuated on other peoples throughout history. We completely ignore their systematic discrimination against other ethnic groups in their own country.
    It’s time that America and Americans wake up to the truth and adjust our foreign policies accordingly.

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  • bigbearbland .

    It isn’t the Jews, it’s the Zionists.

    • blight14

      One and the same……..

      • rchlwnstn

        you couldn’t be more wrong.

      • bigbearbland .

        They are not one in the same at all. I was specifically referring to the Kazarian Jews who are Jewish by assimilation and not bloodline (80% of Jewish people are not by bloodline). It dates back to the silk road trade route that went through the Khazar Empire and that one was not allowed to charge interest or usury fees in commerce if you were Christian or Muslim but could if you were Jewish. So the Khazar Empire became Jewish.

        • disqus_4SHajuUnfa

          Although it was once believed to be fact, almost all scholars of today refute this claim – regarding the Khazar Empire. Its mostly used today for anti Semitic reasons, considering there’s no real proof that mass conversions took place. I would consider double checking the rest of your facts.

    • Nicole4Gaza

      Unless you believe Israel does not have the right to exist, then you are a Zionist. Look up the definition of Zionist.
      Zionism (Hebrew: ??????????, translit. Tsiyonoot) is a nationalist movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the creation of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the Land of Israel.

      • OFaolain

        I am not a Zionist. I dont believe modern Israel should be able to demand indigenous peoples vacate their land for a spurious and tendentious claim last extant in the Iron Age

        • sparkolater

          the jews ARE the indigenous people. thats the point.

          the Arabs colonized the area in the 6 and 7th century , followed by Turks. Palestinians have what are called “ rights of longstanding presence;” and although these are legitimate rights, they do not trump indigenous rights. The very nature of “longstanding presence” means that although they lived somewhere a long time, they do not have the right to occupy indigenous peoples and control them.
          people seem to miss this point

          It is somewhat complex but can be boiled down to the checklist below, as developed by anthropologist José R. Martínez-Cobo (former special rapporteur of the Sub-commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities for the United Nations).

          This list was developed because indigenous rights are beginning to be respected across the planet. This recognition is incredibly important, so we as indigenous people cannot allow non-indigenous people to make false claims, which ultimately would harm our own rights.

          Israel is the world’s first modern indigenous state: the creation and declaration of the sovereign nation of Israel marks the first time in history that an indigenous people has managed to regain control of its ancestral lands and build a nation state. As such, this is incredibly important for indigenous people both to recognise and to support as a great example for our peoples to emulate.

          read this article :

          or this one

          • OFaolain

            There are, according to Ze Jooz zemselfs, at least 14 groups who lived in the land before they came in. Do they’re not indigenous.
            Further, modern Israel stems in large part from Kazars – NOT Hebrews.

          • sparkolater

            very few lands have only one indigenous people. many however are small groups without much history or claim and many are considered extinct. A people require a long standing history in any land and some remaining population

            Egypt today has NO native Egyptians left. the people that built the pyramids are long gone…todays Egyptians are mostly Arabs left over from the 6th and 7th century Arab conquest colonization of the ME ( yet they claim Egypt’s history as their own). Arabs had nothing to do with the historic Egyptian empire.

            about half way down I address your comment that many jews are descended from Kazars.

            there is no rule that a land can have only one indigenous people; it is not a zero sum game in which one group must be considered indigenous so that therefore another is not.

            However, there is a very clear guideline to being an indigenous people. It is somewhat complex but can be boiled down to the checklist below, as developed by anthropologist José R. Martínez-Cobo (former special rapporteur of the Sub-commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities for the United Nations).

            This list was developed because indigenous rights are beginning to be respected across the planet. This recognition is incredibly important, so indigenous people cannot allow non-indigenous people to make false claims, which ultimately would harm any indigenous peoples rights.

            Israel is the world’s first modern indigenous state: the creation and declaration of the sovereign nation of Israel marks the first time in history that an indigenous people has managed to regain control of its ancestral lands and build a nation state. As such, this is incredibly important for indigenous people both to recognise and to support as a great example for any indigenous peoples that have lost their lands to emulate.

            The actual working definition of “indigenous people,” (not the Wikipedia version, nor Merriam Webster, both more suited to plants and animals) for purposes of this essay is that developed by aforementioned anthropologist José R. Martínez-Cobo. With this foundation, you can detail why Jews are indigenous to Israel, and why Palestinians are not.

            Martinez-Cobo’s research suggests that indigenous communities, peoples and nations are those which, having a historical continuity with pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies that developed on their territories, consider themselves distinct from other sectors of the societies now prevailing on those territories, or parts of them. They form at present non-dominant sectors of society and are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territories, and their ethnic identity, as the basis of their continued existence as peoples, in accordance with their own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal system.

            This historical continuity may consist of the continuation, for an extended period reaching into the present of one or more of the following factors:

            Occupation of ancestral lands, or at least of part of them

            Common ancestry with the original occupants of these lands

            Culture in general, or in specific manifestations (such as religion, living under a tribal system, membership of an indigenous community, dress, means of livelihood, lifestyle, etc.)

            Language (whether used as the only language, as mother-tongue, as the habitual means of communication at home or in the family, or as the main, preferred, habitual, general or normal language)

            Residence in certain parts of the country, or in certain regions of the world

            Religion that places importance on spiritual ties to the ancestral lands

            Blood quantum – that is, the amount of blood you carry of a specific people to identify as that people. The concept was developed by colonialists in order to eventually breed out native peoples.

            Let us now look quickly at the Jews. How do they fit this definition?

            Their lands were occupied, first by the Romans, then by the Arabs in the seventh century.

            They share common ancestry with previous occupants as determined by several genetic studies.

            Their culture can be traced directly to the Levant, where it developed into what is now known as “Jewish culture.” While different Jewish communities have slightly different traditions, they all share the same root culture, and it remains unchanged. They have resurrected their traditional language, and while many still speak Yiddish and Ladino, Hebrew has become the primary language again.

            They have spiritual ties to the land, which plays a large role in their traditions as a people.

            KAZARS – Despite all the arguments about “European” Jews, they in fact meet all the criteria set forth by Martínez-Cobo. Even though Israel is the first modern indigenous state, it still has lands that are occupied by foreigners in Judea and Samaria. Those are ancestral lands and, many feel that they should be returned to the indigenous peoples for self-determination.

            Now, for the flip side.

            Palestinians have what are called “ rights of longstanding presence;” and although these are legitimate rights, they do not trump indigenous rights. The very nature of “longstanding presence” means that although they lived somewhere a long time, they do not have the right to occupy indigenous peoples and control them.

            The argument that Palestinians are indigenous is incorrect for several reasons.

            Approximately 50% percent of Palestinian Arabs can track their ancestors back farther than their great-grandparents. Many are descended from Arabs brought to the Levant by the British to build infrastructure after World War I.

            The vast majority of Palestinians are Arabic speaking Muslims; the Arabic language is indigenous to the Arabian Peninsula, as is the Muslim religion. The Muslim religion’s holiest places are not in the Levant, but in the city of Mecca, located in the Arabian Peninsula. They have no specifically Palestinian culture that is completely Palestinian dating before the 1960s; in fact, prior to that, the majority identified as “greater Syrians.”

            Some Palestinians share common ancestry with indigenous peoples, but they neither follow indigenous traditions nor do they self-identify as those indigenous peoples. They share neither religion nor language with them. Blood quantum alone is insufficient to transmit indigenous status.

            The Arabs of the Middle East subsumed several indigenous populations, but no group can become indigenous through subsuming indigenous peoples. Rather, they conquered the entire region and spread their own language, customs, and religion. This is historical fact.

            Now you might ask, why is this important? It is important to indigenous people because they cannot allow the argument that conquerors can become indigenous. If they, as other indigenous people, allow that argument to be made, then they are delegitimising our own rights.

            If conquerors can become indigenous, then the white Europeans who came to indigenous peoples lands in North America could now claim to be indigenous. The white Europeans who went to Australia and New Zealand could now claim to be indigenous. If we, even once, allow that argument to be made, indigenous rights are suddenly devalued and meaningless.

            This is somewhat peculiar, as those who are arguing for Palestinian “indigenous rights” are usually those who have little grasp of the history, and no understanding of the truth behind indigenous rights.

            the argument that conquerors may themselves become indigenous to a region by virtue of conquering, direct those who assert the argument to this article, and help them understand not only is the argument wrong – it is dangerous to Indigenous people everywhere.

          • Pat Kittle

            Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

          • sparkolater

            yep and 1500 other wackado conspiracies …sure.

          • Pat Kittle

            Surely you don’t mind if we see for ourselves, and make up our own minds?

            Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

            Thank you!

          • sparkolater

            its BS and only a demented jew hater and conspiracy theorist would buy into that story. if the shoe fits Pat Kittle……

            I have heard/read that the :

            1) the CIA did it
            2) the Iranians
            3) a group of Americans
            4) Wall street bankers
            5) George Bush/Dick Cheney

            of course a anti Semitic whack job like you would be convinced it was the Israelis , I would be shocked of of you didn’t believe that.

            there is a mental condition well know by psychiatrists whereby people with this mental condition cannot let go of nonsense conspiracies,,,they truly believe them …you are one of them.

          • Pat Kittle

            The “official” version of 9-11 is also a “conspiracy theory” — that radical Muslims did 9-11 all by themselves.

            Your job, as an Israel Internet troll, is to make us think that’s not a “conspiracy theory” — which already tells us you’re not being honest.

            Imagine that — an Israel Internet troll not being honest!

            Why are you Israelis so obviously desperate to discourage us from seeing anything but your own version of events?

            We can simply Google [ Israel did 9-11 ]…

            …and make up our own minds.

            That OK with you? NO?? Gee that’s just too bad!

          • Pat Kittle

            I actually supported Israel most of my life.

            Now I realize Israel actually is the world’s worst terrorist state.

            The list of Israel’s war crimes & treachery is astonishing to someone who is just now waking up.

            Israel’s hired Internet trolls can have their conniptions for all the good it will do them — the world is learning the awful truth about Israel. It will be held accountable. It’s only a matter of time.

          • Ghassan jenainaty

            I only want to say: Good morning to you as you finally realized how evil Israel is

          • Pat Kittle

            And good afternoon to you.

            It’s no wonder the shysters are desperately trying to assume total control of the Internet (as opposed to the partial control they currently have).

            If the Internet remains as partially free as it is now, Jewish supremacism will be brought to justice.

            Assessing the astonishing reparations the shysters owe most of the world — well, that’s going to be an interesting development, isn’t it?

          • savannah26

            You say the Jews are the indigenous people, but I’m pretty sure the Canaanites were. According to the biblical story, the Hebrews came & took it away from them by force & genocide. Even Jerusalem existed for 2,000 years before the Hebrews showed up to steal it.

          • sparkolater

            the Caananites are extinct they don’t count. The Egyptians and Phoenicians are also extinct . The ME history is filled with tribal warfare and movement.
            the jews had a continuous presence and association with the land of Israel and they were never exterminated or completely removed…so they win the indigenous lottery by default.

          • savannah26

            You’re seriously telling us to read articles on the sites ‘United with Israel’, ‘Israelly Cool’, & the Zionist ‘Metropolitan’, as though they’re objective & unbiased, rather than pro-Israel propaganda blogs? Oh please!
            Also, you claim Palestine was “colonized” by Arabs in the 6th & 7th Centuries. Who do you imagine was living there for the previous 4 or 5 centuries? Do you believe no one was there? If not, who do you suppose they were?
            The Muslims ‘conquered’ the area in the 7th Century, but they didn’t ‘colonize’ it. To colonize means to transfer a bunch of your own people to the conquered territory, like the Israeli settlers in the West Bank. The Muslims simply did not do that with Palestine, which acquired its Muslim majority over time, as a number of the Christians & Jews there chose to convert to Islam..

          • sparkolater

            The article bY Ryan Bellerose was not published in Israellycool and those others sites originally, you found some republished articles.
            Ryan is a Canadian aboriginal scholar and published those articles with excellent documentation and good back up.

            Yes absolutely the Arabs moved form arabia and conquered much of the ME. The Jews and many other indigenous tribes lived in those areas continuously.

            Caananites are extinct so they don’t count anymore , same with the Hittites and Phoenicians and the Egyptians …pointless bringing them up . The Jews and some other peoples did survive and live in the area continuously…this is not something to be questioned, its a fact and supported by history.

            Your point on colonization are simply wrong, they did exactly that , they moved people form their tribes and areas into the lands they conquered . A good example is egypt , it is filled with Arabs as no original Egyptians survived .

            and yes you are correct that the arabs did not colonized in number the Levant area where the jews lived, they came for jobs and nomadic peoples settled in the area

            this does not mean that Arabs are indigenous, they are not. Ryan’s many articles have plenty of good back up for his points based on known history.

            our natives in canada are not all the original peoples that migrated from asia, many are extinct or were drives out like the inuit into other areas. however they have quite a few centuries of history in the land and a continuous association with it…therefore are decreed as indigenous . this exact same rule applies to the jews. If the caananites were still alive they could make the same claim but they are long gone like so many others

          • Bill the eighth

            You are so full of brown matter there is no pint is even attempting to wake you up. Go back to sleep sheeple.

    • Pat Kittle

      Jewish supremacists, specifically.

      • bigbearbland .

        They are not one in the same at all. I was specifically referring to the Kazarian Jews who are Jewish by assimilation and not bloodline (80% of Jewish people are not by bloodline). It dates back to the silk road trade route that went through the Khazar Empire and that one was not allowed to charge interest or usury fees in commerce if you were Christian or Muslim but could if you were Jewish. So the Khazar Empire became Jewish. Realistically, they are Luciferians.

        • Pat Kittle

          Thanks, I know something about the Kazarian connection.

          I just looked up “Luciferians.” I always assumed they were some kind of “Satanists” given that Lucifer is some kind of Satan.

          I’m an atheist but that is not my primary identity. There are plenty of atheists making trouble in the world and many of them are Jewish supremacists. I oppose them just like I oppose religious troublemakers.

          • bigbearbland .

            The Luciferians or worshipers of The Morning Star are 33rd and above Masons, 13 Families of the Illuminatti, Most of all the Queen and Kingship Bloodlines, the Black Pope/Jesuits and more. The more you research it the more you will find cross connections in and out of banking, business, government appointments, think tanks, round table groups, councils ect. It’s not so much what you may believe in, it’s what those in power do and what their plan for your future is, and it isn’t a bright one, I can assure you of that.

          • Pat Kittle

            I’m being honest with you — when I hear such things as “The Morning Star are 33rd and above Masons, 13 Families of the Illuminatti…” I figure you’re either…
            1) far more knowledgeable about who’s “behind the curtain” than I am, or…
            2) you’re (for whatever reason) mythologizing.

            I don’t have time to research all that, so I’ll keep an open mind about it until it becomes clearer.


  • blight14

    How in the world did we allow this to happen? We had many wise men/women that warned us yet we failed to heed their wisdom. We’re paying dearly for our folly.

  • Just sayin’

    Well, the days of the holocaust are long gone and we are several generations of people down the line in a country that is doing more than alright for itself. Time to cut the funding?

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  • Nenamorut .

    How pathetic, the jews are fleecing you out of 18 billion dollars a year, and what do they give you back in return? Nothing but propaganda. You’ve become their toilet paper.

    • Johanna Roberts

      18 Billion dollars a year is chicken feed to some of the much less worthy projects our money is spent for.What has Israel given in return? Advanced medical tools,cures and data, how about the tech knowledge, the water purification inovations, agricultural programs? good gracious people, where are your heads?!?!?!?!?

      • Nicole4Gaza

        When you say ‘giving’, What exactly do you mean? You are telling me Israelis are donating all of this technology to the American people? Americans are not paying??? Americans are charged more than any other nation for medications… lol @ given. Americans are charged more than any other nation on earth for health care… lol @ given. Israel is the welfare state. Get out of your bubble.

      • OFaolain

        Balls. Anything Israel offers to the world is well within the gift of other nations to come up with. Israel offers about as much as the UK or France in terms of technology.
        All I can say is, I am so grateful not to have been born an Israeli.
        Because deep down, every single Israeli has a gut full of bilious, billowing shame…

  • Mike Straw

    they did this to every country since the beginning of time, until Germany got wise. Germany, just got too power hungry and ruined their nationalist agenda. It was not to exterminate the Jews, it was to nationalize. Hitler went bizarre with his idiotic ideals.

    • Nicole4Gaza

      Actually, Jews have been expelled from every nation on earth except for USA and Canada. Feel free to look it up. I think the best way to deal with the Zionist agenda is for the people to wise up, Take back the government and put Americans first. Let all Jews immigrate to Israel since that is what all the blood shed has been for apparently. Honestly, the government isn’t at fault, its the PEOPLE who have let the government become puppets. Do you really think this would have happened if the people were alert and demanded transparency and good quality education from the government?

  • Lewis Burton

    More I learn it appears the 2 entities that’s causing so much trouble in the earth are the 2 everybody think are the good guys; Those fake Jewish (“ish” is there for a purpose, they aren’t the real Jews), who are really the Synagogue of Satan;

    (Revelation 3:9)
    9) Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

    And that Great Whore, the Vatican/ Catholic Church in Rome;

    (Revelation 17:1-2)
    1) And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:
    2) With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

    *of course these 2 have brainwashed most to believe whomever speak against them are the evil one.

  • twinker

    What a load of baseless shit.

    Since when did they link ALL the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to …. Israel ?

    Oh yea, lets just sneak in that 5 Trillion on their blame. Right.

    While were at it … lets just say our entire foreign policy cost is for Israel. Yea bases in 153 countries … Israel right? 700B military budget ? Totally Israel. And the math … 2300 per American .. for you guessed it all Israel’s fault,

    Yes… there are political groups for Israel. Yes they are involved in American politics … and you bet they are lobbying. Suprise?

    Did you not forget we live in the era of big government. When you have big government, every group has to go to the GOV for power. There are lobbying political groups for every kind imaginable. You could go on all day about how the gov is screwing us royally.

    Military Industrial Complex, Healthcare and “Big Pharma”, …. etc Did you not forget the Bailouts?

    LOOK AT THE US BUDGET NUMBERS. 2009-2012, 1+ Trillion deficiet per year. 3 Billion per day borrowed at interest. 17.651 Trillion national debt.

    Your throwing big numbers, yes 3 Billion is a huge amount….

    It goes against our founding principals of non interventionism and small govt. We all know that. But in context it doesn’t make any sense. Our military budget adds up to nearly 700B.

    900 US bases in 153 countries. Our bases in Japan are from post WW2 occupation. I suppose we should now frame our relationship with Japan as being bought and puppeteer ed?

    QUOTE “The terrorists however stated on record that they attacked America because of its support for Israel.”

    So now Israel is to blame for the terrorist attacks? By that logic hot blonde girls should be blamed for Elliot Rodgers killing spree. Do you see my point?

    This “small group of weirdo dancing Israeli’s” thing is getting really annoying. What on earth kind of connection can be drawn from this? Israel is one of the US’s biggest allies since forever … since it’s literal creation. Are you trying to frame antagonism? That somehow it represents all world Jewry’s evil wishes on American destruction? Hello… America and Israel hold the two largest Jewish populations by a long shot.

    QUOTE “After the attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We are benefitting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.” He also said, “these events have swung American public opinion in our favor.”

    Whats wrong here? What he stated was true … it doesn’t mean they are behind it.
    Hell…. Churchill said something along those lines in WW2

    One last point. I looked into that millionaire statistic. Israel doesn’t rank in the top 10 for number of millionaires percentage of population. Infact it ranks at half of the US.
    10 000 Israeli millionaries / 6 000 000 = 0.0016
    7 135 000 American millionaries / 3 000 000 = 0.0238

    16 Israeli Billionaires / 6 000 000 = 0.0000026
    492 American Billionaires / 3 000 000 = 0.000164

    Notice I only counted Israel’s Jewish population and not it’s combined Jewish and other population of nearly 7.9 Million
    Israel ranks 25 in Median houehold income adjusted Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
    US ranks 4

    So it’s incredibly misleading to put that “10 000 millionaries” number and emote pompous Israeli Jewry is when it’s not the case.

    • Nicole4Gaza

      Right, so you know better than an economist. LOL What religions do the people who run Military Industrial Complexes, Big Pharm, Banks, Entertainment, News Papers, Media (only 4% of the worlds media is non Zionist owned) so when 96% of the world’s media is Jewish owned… How is that horse doo doo? Please by all means, explain that one. When a people who makes up less than 5% of the country’s population and controls majority of the banking system (Federal reserve) private Jewish owned entity. (Nothing federal about it) including all propaganda fed to citizens … Houston… We have a problem. Unless you can present facts as a rebuttal, keep your inaccurate opinions to yourself. You are part of the problem. I for one want American citizens who are PRO American citizens. Not pro Israel

      • Pat Kittle

        Americans are slowing waking up, which scares Israel far more than anything Iran is doing.

      • sparkolater

        sure nicole. the media which cant wait to air its non stop anti israeli biased articles is all controlled by jews. what a stupid statement.

        if anything the Muslims control the media, no one can criticize them.

        90 % of the media continue to jump on Israel even chance they get,

        I see the same stupid people saying big oil runs everything, yet NOT one pipeline can get built in north america or europe thanks to left leaning media. if big oil has that kind of power , they would have no problems….obviously someone else is in control of the media.

        sorry, stupid leftards control the media ( of which Huff post is one) not jews.

        • Pat Kittle

          sparkolater the Israel Internet troll:

          HuffPo banned me from commenting because I criticized Israel.

          So much for your attempt to change the subject away from Israel’s war crimes.

          Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

          • sparkolater

            who are you trolling for then ? Arafats’ looney relatives, the muslim brotherhood or just plain old neo nazi groups

            or are you just one of those demented people that feeds on internet conspiracy trash and wears a tin foil hat to prevent “mind control” …as if you even have a human mind left.

            Getting banned from Huff Po is pretty bad, that site is mostly read by ultra lefties and eco nuts. The articles are often over the top and sensational.

            if they banned your comments , you must have quite a rep for vastly and stupid comments

            I have better things to do with my life.

            I followed a link to this stupid site just to see if it was legit…and of course its not. the article is most nonsense as are most of the comments.

            I found more legitimate sites listing the data that you can fact check. this site failed on many levels. it appears to be a collection of like minded people that are hoping people buy into their hate speech using their trashy or fabricated “research”

          • Pat Kittle

            Change the subject, Israel troll.

            The rest of us can Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

          • sparkolater

            you do realize that you are mentally ill.

            I’m not saying it as an insult, I mean it, you genuinely sound like you are extremely sick mentally.

          • Pat Kittle

            Keep changing the subject, Israel troll.

            The rest of us can Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

            Take your time, folks, the evidence is overwhelming.

            Israel is truly the worst terrorist state on Earth, and I say that as someone who once admired Israel.

          • sparkolater

            Im not changing the subject..the subject is your mental illness.. you are sick puppy.

      • Yahuza Mohammed

        Don’t lump the all Jews in the Zionists pot.

    • Pat Kittle

      Dear hasbara propagandist:

      You say:
      “This “small group of weirdo dancing Israeli’s” thing is getting really annoying. What on earth kind of connection can be drawn from this?”

      As you know perfectly well, those “weirdos” were Mossad agents, set up to observe the planes hitting the towers BEFORE they actually hit.

      Simply Googling [ "dancing Israelis" ] will provide all the juicy details you hope us lowly goyim will never see.

      You are terrified with the realization that Americans are Googling [ "Israel did 9-11" ] — and your grossly over-played AntisemitismCard just doesn’t work like it used to.

      We are waking up.

      • sparkolater

        dear anti semite hate monger : this story is biased and poorly researched, I’m sure a jew hater like yourself of course believes every word.

        I am sick of these stupid “Zionists control the world” BS stories trotted out by hateful imbeciles.

        sorry its just ain’t true. if it was there would be NO Palestinians or Arabs .

        • Pat Kittle

          Just listen to you.

          Your self-pity is so boundless you build entire (“holocaust”) museums dedicated to making us all feel sorry for you.

          It’s you shysters who owe the entire world a fantastic amount of reparations for your countless war crimes.

          Anyone who doubts that, Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

          • sparkolater

            I am german ukrainian with no jewish blood what so ever. I have no interest in supporting jews other than calling outright bigotry and hatred when i see it.

            you are a class 1 bigot and hater. no doubt about it. people like yourself are the problem in the world. there is no doubt in my mind that you are a simple minded hater ( with emphasis on the word “simple”. Human atrocities occur because people like yourself exist.

            these ridiculous theories of zionists, knight templar, one world government and other conspiracy theories that retarded people like yourself promote are far fetched . please get some mental health care and medication.

          • Pat Kittle

            Israel’s hired Internet trolls are instructed to lie whenever it suits their purpose, so anything you tell us could easily be a lie, including whether or not you’re a Jew.

            Anyone can look at the enormous evidence that is now available online and draw their own conclusions about Israel’s war crimes.

            Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

            So spare us your silly old hasbara insults about “medication” — your sense of humor never progressed beyond early adolescence. Go wallow in your boundless self-pity, the rest of the world is really tired of feeling sorry for you shysters.

    • Pat Kittle

      Israel Internet troll:

      Thank you so much for all your Israeli propaganda — but surely you don’t mind if we…

      Google [ ISRAEL DID 9-11 ].

      Do you not trust us to make up our own minds? Is that it? We need you to to decide for us what we’ll read?

      Well now you’ve got us real curious — so we’re going to Google [ ISRAEL DID 9-11 ] — & see what you are so afraid that we’ll see.

      Thanks for sparking our curiosity!

  • Johanna Roberts

    So, I would much rather pay an additional $4000 than live under the 6th century Iranian Shira and other loathsome laws. This article was a waste.

    • Nicole4Gaza

      Sharia law dear…. ‘Sharia’… I enjoy your belief that Israeli policy is some how not barbaric. I suppose if you had to cross check points on a regular basis just to get to work, you and your children were fondled at check points, foreigners invading your land claiming it is their god given right to your family property, that you are a Goyum (animal) which apparently Jews refer to gentiles as. I suppose… I could agree with you.

    • OFaolain

      You love it when they blow childrens bodies apart.
      Especially if the child is left alive, with 3rd degree burns.
      You love it, gorge yourself on that blooddddd….. ahhhh tastes good, dont it?

  • OnlyOneWithABrainHere

    you people are such morons and anti semites. Anyyone with a brain and a computer can see that the Evangilcal Christians are the reason for US aid to Israel, not the tiny Israel lobby. America supports Israel because they believe as long as there is an Israel, Jesus will come back.. you all sound like little ignorant uneducated morons, its actually amusing. Go read for once, learn something. Anyone can write an opinionated article but its far from the truth.

    • Nicole4Gaza

      Since Jewish converts of today are NOT Hebrew and are NOT Semitic I find your comment ludicrous. (Rather amusing) The Palestinian people are actually Semitic. Therefore, people who are pro Israel are the true anti Semites. Hell, even the Pashtu of Afghanistan have more Semitic blood than Jewish foreigner converts to Palestine, flowing through their veins. By all means, look up the studies that Afghani Pathtu are considered one of the ‘lost tribes’ of Israel.
      IFor future, perhaps you should state, ‘You guys are religious bigots’. After all, what is the difference of a Jewish person who refers to Jesus and Muhammud as illegitimate and a non Jew who refuses to support or believe in Judaism??? Basically, what you are stating is, anyone who protests or criticizes Israel is an Anti Semite. Line is played out, null and void!

    • Pat Kittle

      You can barely hide your contempt for Christians, who you view as “useful idiots” if they support your terrorist state of Israel.

      You take great delight in manipulating Christians into fighting Muslems in your endless Mideastern wars for Israel, with your treacherous “false flag” deceptions.

      War crimes tribunals await you. Not tomorrow, not the next day, but sooner than you think.

  • Nicole4Gaza

    The American people have been sucked into a Jewish Jihaad. The definition of a Zionist is a person who supports Israels existence. Its literally a nationalistic movement. Therefore, unless you believe Israel does not have a right to exist. You are a Zionist. (seriously look it up) I believe that politicians are compelled to put the interest of Israel above the interest of the American people either through greed or some sort of black mail. Politicians who refuse to put the interest of the American people first should be jailed for treason. It was a Muslim country… the country of Morocco that was the first country to recognize formally the United States as a sovereign nation. History will show, the Muslim world never had an issue with America until it’s support for a Jewish Jihaad. Americans need to abolish the Federal reserve, prosecute companies especially the banking sector (same way Iceland did) and cut the loop holes for billions of dollars (tax free) funneled to other countries under the guise of charity. If money is funneled to Hamas it is terrorism. Why is this law not applied to Israel who violates literally every war code of ethnics on the planet? The American voters are to blame for this! The sooner the American people wake up to the fact this country has been sucked dry of substance (intelligence to decipher moral standards) the sooner this country can recover. Our founding fathers had to fight the British from a corrupted grip, distracting ourselves with meaningless entertainment will not fix us. First step education, next step voices and votes.

    • Yahuza Mohammed

      Sorry but “Israel” can be found in the Muslims’ constitution where there’s no mention of Palestine. Sorry!

  • Pat Kittle

    Google [ Israel did 9-11 ].

    Take your time, the evidence is overwhelming.

  • RAND100

    Israel is fighting America’s Wars and has always been fighting America’s Wars. There is no well-funded Jewish Lobby, there’s a well-funded Arab Lobby that controls much of the mainstream media worldwide and funds chairs at America’s most prestigious universities to fill the heads of innocent American kids with Islamist, antiAmerican and antiSemitic propaganda.

    And no, Jews don’t own the news and never did. Moreover:

    AntiZionism, or the “purported” “legitimate” criticism of Israel is, antiSemitism and RACISM. Behind every antiZionist you WILL find the face of a Judeophobic, a supremacist and a racist.

    The antiZionist would deny first, what Zionism really is: The national inspiration and sovereignty movement of the Jewish People – and nothing more – meaning, what is good for me is not good enough for Them”; 2. the antiZionist would deny ONLY the Jews human, civil, and self-defense rights the antiZionist would otherwise champion for his own people and for others, and 3., antiZionism is racism because it is exclusionary: it excludes ONLY the Jewish People from exercising their civil, national, sovereign and self-defense rights and enjoying a peaceful life.

    In spite of all that Israel is the most productive nation on earth – it is the START UP NATION, and its people live FAR better than most of the people who hate it. The VALUE of a person, a nation, and a civilization is measurable by metrics: Their Achievements.

    They who achieve nothing to benefit man hate the Jews who achieve much to benefit mankind. Nations who achieve nothing to benefit mankind hate the Jews who benefit mankind a great deal. It’s understandable: the politics of envy and resentment.

    For the antiZionist 57 Muslim nations, many of which were artificially created, meaning they are not real, are not enough;

    but one Jewish State that has a history thousands of years going back beyond the history of any nation of those now reading my words, are too much.

    Lastly: There is no such thing, and never was such a thing as a Palestinian People, a Palestinian Nation, Country, Language, History, Artifact, Archeology, Cuisine, Currency or Coin.

    Show me the museum that is exhibiting Palestinian culture, coins, tablets with Palestinian script describing Palestinian wars, victories and history. I’m holding my breath.

    Read three pages of this link and explain or deny why the Palestinians were invented in Moscow in 1964 and at that point we can Move.On:

  • James

    They get Millions to bring Jews to Israel from Europe many arrive with no money and no job end up working in Prostitution for the Jew Gangs

    • Yahuza Mohammed

      If every race fights for its own like the Jewish people, I think the world will be a great place. The Jews stand for each other come what may. The rest of the global family butcher each other. Let the Jews be!

      • Pat Kittle

        Israel troll:

        You can’t even be honest with your screen name.

        Now run along & build yourself another monument to your self-pity, I mean, “Holocaust Museum.”

        And don’t forget to get the goyim to pay for it.

  • Petra-lia

    Israel did 9/11 to cause USA to go make the wars against Middle East and cause million of deaths! Controlled demolition of the twin towers and building 7, check it up America, wake up!!!

  • disqus_4SHajuUnfa

    There is a very logical explanation to why the US gives Israel so much aid. Israel is not only an allied state, but essentially a satellite state to the US. When the US asks or demands something from Israel, it frequent complies. Not to mention the weapons and defense technologies that Israel develops and supplies to the US; as well as the intelligence it shares with the US.(e.g Syria, ISIS, Hezbollah, etc.) It also should be noted that Israel is Americas foot in the door to the Middle East. And in return for these things, not to mention other that we just don’t know about, the US sends Israel money. Now, if the amount of aid is what is upsetting, keep in mind the location Israel is in; surrounded by enemy countries for hundreds of miles(excluding Egypt and Jordan who signed peace treaties with Israel in 1979 and 1994, respectively.) Israel sacrifices a lot(e.g general security) to be Americas foot in the middle east and thus, gets payed a lot to do so. The US doesn’t just give away billion of dollars because it feels like it, or because it has money to give away. Israel plays a key role in Americas success and superiority.

    God bless America.

  • Anthony Sharah

    Any estimation of the money given to israel is incomplete. That is because there are many admitted unknown categories. Lets say hidden categories. Of course there are also “unintended” areas where israel benefits. Such as spying. Lets not forget about the technology israel steals and sells to other countries. Or the wars that the US fights for free on behalf of israel. Or the protection against prosecution, or even the Veto power used at the UN to protect israel. There is financial compensation for the attacks on Palestinians. The bill for genocide and apartheid is given to and paid by the US.

  • ReadLearnThink

    Terrible, and here we go again, as Netanyahu comes to the U. S. and gets all the Republicans to have a man crush on him. Pitiful!!!

  • terrabull

    How much money does America give to iraq Afghanistan isis, that’s really the question.

  • mohdinam

    Jews control Americans becoz of Interest banking when Americans start living without depending on banks they will be out of slavery of israel… when you land in america on day one you get all amenities and you pay for them till day last of your life…welcome to new slavery