How Much Money Do The Rothschilds Have?

March 16, 2012 at 2:04 am

Rothschild Family Coat of Arms

For more than 200 years the Rothschild family has kept their banks in family hands, out of the general view of the public, in an effort to conceal their vast wealth. The Rothschilds have taken advantage of tax-free jurisdictions and have purposefully established their banks in countries with strict banking secrecy laws like Monaco, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

The Rothschild dynasty first began to acquire prominence around the mid 1700′s. The first major patriarch of the family, Mayar Amschel Rothschild, sent his 5 sons to strategic banking centers throughout Europe. Nathan Rothschild went to London, Jabob to Paris, Salomon to Vienna, Asmchel (Jr.) to Frankfurt, and Calmann Rothschild to Naples.

From 1813-1815 Nathan Rothschild almost single handedly financed the British war effort while his brothers financed the French war effort. In one year of the war, 1815, Nathan Rothschild provided the British government with nearly 10 million pounds, which is equivalent to 6.5 billion pounds today.

Since the Rothschilds were playing both sides of the warring parties, they were the only ones who could get through both sides of the blockades quickly. Their network of banks provided news of major battles to Nathan Rothschild in London before even the British government received it. The Rothschilds traded on this inside information on the London stock exchange, making vast fortunes in the process. After the final battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild received news that the British were victorious and promptly started to sell British government treasuries. The market knew by this point that Nathan was getting information before anyone one else and therefore assumed the British had lost the battle and started selling their British government bonds. Once the price had crashed, Nathan used his agents to secretly buy up nearly the entirety of the British government debt. Using large amounts of leverage, Nathan Rothschild made many multiples of his money on this one trade.

After the war, Nathan Rothschild bragged of turning his 20k pound fortune into 50 million pounds in only 17 years. In 1820, 50 million pounds would be equivalent to 32 billion pounds today. It was at this point that Nathan Rothschild so famously said, “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

In 1850, Jacob Rothschild’s recorded net worth was 600 million francs, which was significantly more than all the other French bankers combined. In today’s US dollars that would be equivalent to $11.4 billion. James and Nathan Rothschild became two of the riches men in the world in only a few decades. With this vast wealth they built or bought 41 massive mansions and palaces across Europe. The video below (at 2:22) shows just a fraction of their real estate holdings.

In 1840, the Rothschild family became the Bank of England’s bullion brokers.

In 1844, Salomon Rothschild purchased the United Coal Mines of Vitkovice and Austro-Hungarian Blast Furnace Company which went on to become one of the top ten global industrial companies.

In 1845, the Rothschild family was granted exclusive access to build a rail transport company across much of France. The company was called Chemin de Fer du Nord.

In 1871, the Rothschild family raised 5 billion francs so the French government could pay reparations to Prussia. This sum would be equivalent to $95 billion today.

In 1880, the Rothschild family took control of Rio Tinto, ending up with a 30% stake. Rio Tinto is now the 4th largest mining company in the world. In the same year, the Rothschilds founded Imerys, which is currently a world leader in industrial metals mining.

In 1890, the Rothschild family founded the mining company Eramet, which is currently a multi-billion dollar company listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange.

Kuhn and Loeb, which received financing from the Rothschilds, financed Standard Oil, various profitable railroad projects, and Carnegie’s steel empire. The European Rothschild dynasty also had close financial ties to multiple leading American banks including J.P. Morgan.

In 1886, the French Rothschild bank acquired significant Russian oil fields and formed the Caspian and Black Sea Petroleum Company, which became the world’s second largest oil producer. They sold their interest to Royal Dutch Shell in 1911 for an undisclosed amount.

In 1887, the Rothschild family financed and invested in the Kimberly diamond mines in South Africa, which became De Beers. The Rothschilds were the largest shareholders.

To this day the Rothschild family own and operate some of the largest and most profitable investment banks around the world.

During the first 17 years of his career, Nathan Rothschild’s annual rate of return was 81.4%, while Jacob’s annual rate of return from 1812-1868 was 14%.

Based on historical records and financial calculations it is possible to provide a rough estimate of their wealth today. The following estimate of the Rothschild family fortune will be based on an annual rate of return of 5%, which is extremely conservative given their past track record of using power, political connections, and inside information to make incredibly high annual returns. When the extremely profitable investments listed above are factored in, it is a certainty that they were able to achieve such a modest return.

In 1817, Nathan Rothschild bragged of having 50 million pounds. At a 5% annual rate of return that would equate to roughly 500 billion pounds today. In 1850, Jacob Rothschild was worth 600 million francs. At a 5% annual return that would equate to 860 billion francs, which would have been converted to Euros in 2001 at a 6.56 to 1 ratio, equalling €130 billion. By 2012, that fortune would total €224 billion.

Combined their fortunes would equal more than 1 trillion US dollars, which could do any one of the following:

1. Buy every stock on the Toronto Stock Exchange

2. Support the military of every NATO country combined for a year

3. Buy everyone on earth an iPod

4. Pay of Greece’s debt 2.5 times

5. Run the Australian government for nearly 3 years.

Obviously this estimate is conservative in its own right, and does not take into account the fortunes of the other three brothers who built financial empires in Switzerland, Frankfurt, and Italy. The Rothschild family eventually spread their operations to America, Israel, and most tax-free jurisdictions around the world.

As per the command of the patriarch, Mayar Amschel Rothschild, the family has intermarried and maintained cohesiveness until the present day so the fortune was not squandered or dispersed. One of their websites today reads: “Across two centuries and many generations, the qualities associated with the Rothschild family have remained unchanged: innovation, industriousness and, above all, strength through unity.”

In 1909, British Prime Minister Lloyd George claimed that Lord Nathan Rothschild was the most powerful man in Britain. This is of course at a time when Britain was considered to be one of the world’s preeminent superpowers. During the 20th century the Rothschild family started to disappear from mainstream attention. Many Rothschild financed biographies were released during this time period, which claimed that their fortunes have dwindled in modern times. It should be noted that these biographies have not given any detailed accounting of the families’ assets or mentioned the specific investments that lost more money than was made through some of the world’s most profitable investments listed above.

The real questions that must be asked are why the most powerful family in the history of the world, who financed nations and provided the money to create Israel, are not prominently featured in history courses? And why the media refuses to even mention the name of this incredibly wealthy and powerful family today?

The answers to these questions are one in the same. As the video below proves, nearly the entirety of the American (and European) media are controlled by Jewish zionists. And these zionists know that if the world knew that one family controlled more wealth than dozens of poor nations put together, their would be a public outcry.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Adam, I’m writing a theory paper for class on the Diffusion of Innovation Theory, and found some information here useful; as one could imagine. Do you have a bibliography or references for the acquisition dates and so forth? I appreciate it. Hope all is well, keep up the info war.

    • admin

      I responded via your email. If you didn’t get it, please email me at

  • Pablo

    Forget an upraor there would be public upheval

  • donwreford

    The fortune of the Rothschilds and Rockefeller, built on largely corrupt practice, and the unknown value of assets. Alleged, say Rothschild, assets of 100 trillion dollars, and possible far more, this money as debt, having been transferred from these Bankers, to tax payer as a liability, I suggest the assets are reversed back to taxpayers, reducing a Nations debt, and further reducing impact upon the environment and creating a realistic balance of payments, with regard to a viable outcome for the eventual absorption of the third World and having a positive solution of emigration.

    • Pianki Bankole

      If not them someone else. If the entire U.S debt was paid off to $0. With that bunch of drunkards given a short period the conversation would go the same as today.

      • John Caston

        Paying off the debt does not solve the problem only the consequence of the problem.

    • John Caston

      Could you please cite some of the corrupt practices they utilized? Start with the IMF, USA Foreign Policy – that will right many wrongs then focus on reverse wealth back to the people.

      • Bobert

        John Caston, you make a lot of sense.

  • Robert

    Dear Adam Bilzerian,

    Thank you very much for throwing much light on this topic. Yours was a much awaited clarity I needed. I always knew that something was wrong about the world. I also read many articles of conspiracy – theorists. But with your article, I can say without doubt that the Rothschilds own a trillion dollars. Please write more and keep up the good work.

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  • Tony Capalano

    Rothschild are evil!

    • DIABLO


      • John Caston

        I have worked in the legal field over 20 years and many of my bosses have been Jewish – some are nice and generous and some are not – like everyone else. Your hate is obvious and sad!

    • Bobert

      … Or are they?

  • jonah

    the world is corrupt. the only concern is profit. and no wonder when it has been run by guys like this for the last 2 or 3 hudnred years

  • Pianki Bankole

    How much of those mentioned in the above derived their fortunes from black African Slavery?

    • johnbull88

      Less than 1 %.

      • John Caston

        Far less than 1% – understand the economics of scale. Slaves were also very costly

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  • lovely

    why JFK is killed!
    peace to his soul.

    • John Caston

      I use to believe in a conspiracy too. Until I read the book by the LA District Attorney Diaboise. Read it – his approach is fantastic and it is a great read. Do you really think the CIA or anyone else would use Oswald and provide him no exit from the scene. He took a bus to his house!!! In reality if it was the CIA – a CIA operative would have picked him up took him somewhere and killed him so he would never be caught and allowed to talk. 8mm camera were for sale to the public – do you think they really believed no one would bring a camera to film the president? I love JFK and what he stood for but on 11/22/1963 he was killed by a lone idiot named Oswald!

      • mike hunt

        Wow, sad post.

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  • Ir Travis

    They are good but they can be defeated. We must ensure that the next time there is an attempt the attempt will be successful. So many of our European peoples were lost under Judeo Bolshevism and the Nazi attempt to remove it and other institutions of World Jewry from its abusive and cruel hold on our peoples that we, as a unique and individual race of this Earth, will find our long term survival fall into doubt and possession of the European continent disappear quicker than we took the Americas from the Natives.

    The task of building momentum for such an attempt is a task which will be difficult to achieve but if momentum is achieved the even more difficult task of succeeding awaits.
    We will have to succeed.

    • DIABLO







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  • Big Dan

    and how nice of them to wipe out poverty & hunger with all their money

    • John Caston

      Poverty and hunger are a bigger issue than money. It is a mind set. A trillion dollars will feed a lot of people for a long time but eventually the money will run out. Kind of like give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish he and his family eats for a lifetime.

  • VedX

    Kudos to them. Humans are evil, and this family is just smart enough to skim off of human nature. It is scary though, to think what evil they could accomplish with this vast wealth. Conversely, the mind boggles at what they could not achieve if they used their wealth altruistically… Cure cancer? Create World peace? Well, what’s the use; no one lives forever, and humans will always find a way to express their evilness. What does one do with so much money, and power? What is there left to do? The mind boggles. No matter what, death eventually makes everyone equal, and feelings, and emotions, and thoughts are inescapable so long as one is human. Excesses become boring, and further excesses, will too, leading back to ennui. With no more goals, life becomes boring; too much power; all the power in the World, absolute power, leads to but one goal, which is holding on to that power. Then what is the purpose? It would be nice to be able to have such problems; or would it?…

    • Sergio Conde Olmedo

      I like your objective comment and it deserves to be praised by the scribe, for it is very seldom that anyone utters their thoughts in an intelligent way.

  • Akiva

    If the world is control by the Jews people what about the russian,chinese and north korea? They are out smarted by few people jews? They are just shit? ha!ha!

    • John Caston

      The Jews are the most hated people on the planet (and have been for a long long time) – given that environment – if they were able to dominate the world as some people thing – they must be truly incredible people/culture and so on. WOW!

  • Akiva

    That is Biblical this world is control by evil and satan always come to the leaders .Better to listen to bro.eli soriano The [Old Path] I’m sure you will surprise by his answers .ask any thing under the Sun to him.

  • Akiva

    Do want to know who is the only one teacing the very truth? Ask Bro.Eli Soriano

  • Navn

    Isn’t it pointless to put a price on the Rotschilds? When you control the means to finance, you can be worth as much as you want.

    • John Caston

      Excellent! And that is the point of the Federal Reserve which was started by Rothchilds, Duponts, Rockefellers and Warper, 1913

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  • John Caston

    Rothchilds along with JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Warper started the Federal Reserve in 1913. After Woodrow Wilson crushed an earlier attempt to start a Federal Reserve 40 years earlier – calling it an evil construct!

  • John Caston

    Isn’t it funny on Forbes wealthiest people on Earth list – there are no Rothchilds, Vanderbilts, Carnegies, Rockefellers (ok one at $2B), Fords, Hearts, Morgans, Gettys, Duponts, Astors and so on and so on!!!! Just new money – Gates, Walton, Buffet, dude in Mexico (Telecommunications magnet) – trump and oprah? Really? really.

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  • bobby bell

    As far as the law is concerned ,they should all be taken to court and charged with conspiracy to undermine other countries economies by fraud,their money should be confiscated like most criminals and go to feeding people they put into that position,they are a cancer on civilized countries.

    • yastrux

      and your proof of that is, where exactly ?

  • Bobert

    We are using words like ‘corrupt’ and ‘evil’, but do we know if this ‘corruption’ conspiracy about the Rothschilds is actually true? You have heard or read about the Rothschilds being some kind of government-manipulating money conservationalists, yet have you actually pursued this theory through personal experience?
    There are three different types of journalists in this business: Commercial and Conspiracist. Neither of these two have the real proof nor the personal experiences to even let their opinions scratch the surface of what the public think, and, the public being as intellectually diverse as they are, will believe in anything they read if they see evidence that looks remotely true or outstanding. This quick acceptance of cynicism towards the world creates a lot of unrest in public minds, which leads to protesting, riots and even civil wars.
    I am indifferent to this question of corruption by the Rothschilds because there has been no real proof of it. I just wish people wouldn’t be so accepting of what they read, hear or see in the conspiracist media and that the world’s public would pull this blanket from over their eyes and believe what they physically see instead of what they can see on a screen or a piece of paper.