Is George Zimmerman Jewish?

April 1, 2012 at 2:27 pm

One would think the mainstream media would have very little airtime to spend on the George Zimmerman shooting considering that a global economic debt crisis and a potential war with Iran are looming. Even worse yet, the media has decided to focus its attention on George Zimmerman’s race, which is absolutely disgraceful. A teenager lost his life because an aggressive young adult could not mind his own business. And while this is a terrible tragedy, it should not be the focus of an entire nation. Whether or not Zimmerman is Jewish, white, black, green, or yellow should be the last thing on most American’s minds right now. Even more strange is the media’s zeal to paint Trayvon Martin’s killer as anything but Jewish. The Tablet, a Jewish newspaper, recently published an article about Zimmerman’s non-Jewishness. The Tablet based its article on a Washington Post article titled “Who is George Zimmerman,” which asserted that Zimmerman was a half-white, half-latino Catholic. Many have assumed that Zimmerman’s father is Jewish because of his last name, and that assertion is somewhat validated by the fact that non-Jewish Zimmermans usually spell their name with two n’s rather than the one n George has. Rather than ask Zimmerman or his father about their race, the media seems quite content to refer to George as white or Latino.

Regardless of whether Zimmerman’s father is Jewish or not, this issue leads to a more fundamental question about racial disparities in the criminal justice system. Most Americans are aware of the historical prejudice against black Americans in the criminal justice system which leads to blacks receiving more prison time than whites for the same crimes and being falsely convicted in far greater percentages than other races. On the opposite end of the spectrum is a racial disparity in the justice system that is often considered too politically incorrect to be investigated. The meteoric rise of non-gentile Americans has coincided with a great gap in arrest rates and prison sentencing. Non-gentiles are now far wealthier than other races, comprising 10.25% of all American millionaires, 36% of all billionaires, and 45% of the 40 wealthiest Americans. Statistically speaking, since non-gentiles only comprise 2% of the American population, the vast majority of non-gentiles are wealthy. Therefore, non-gentiles inevitably have better lawyers and know more judges and politicians who can thwart investigations and reduce sentences than their gentile counterparts. Take the case of Mark Rich for example. Rich fled the country after being indicted for tax-evasion and illegally trading with Iran. While on the run, Rich was featured on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list for a number of years before being pardoned by Clinton. An investigation of the pardon later revealed that Rich’s wife gave significant sums of money to the Democratic Party.

Shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the FBI arrested 5 men who were seen filming the planes hitting the twin towers and then dancing in celebration afterwards. These men failed lie detector tests when questioned on why they were there and what role they had in the attacks. It turns out that the five dancing Israelis, as they were later known, were actually Israeli Mossad agents who were part of an elaborate spy ring that had infiltrated America. Had these men not had powerful political connections in America, they would have been shipped off to an undisclosed CIA prison in Syria or Poland and water boarded until they gave up every piece of intelligence they had. Instead, these men were quietly released back to Israel without even an espionage charge. They later admitted on a Israeli talk show that they were there to document the event; meaning that they either had knowledge the event was going to take place beforehand and did not warn the US or had a hand in planning it.

In yet another example, in 2005, two non-gentile American AIPAC executives were caught red-handed stealing American military secrets to give to Israel. After some political wrangling, all charges were dropped against the two Jewish AIPAC executives in 2009, even though the government had overwhelming evidence to prosecute. It was later reported by Time magazine that Jane Harman, a Jewish Congresswoman, was bribed by AIPAC to lobby the Department of Justice to drop the spying charges against the executives. In 2009, CQ politics reported that Harman was caught on a NSA wiretap telling an Israeli agent that she would lobby the Department of Justice to drop the case.

As of the present day, not one banker or mortgage broker has been charged for their role in the 2008 financial crisis. This is highly unusual as the SEC, FBI, and IRS almost always find someone or some group to indict for financial collapses that measure even one-tenth of the size. The facts that the SEC and IRS both happen to be headed by non-gentiles, and that there is a dramatic overrepresentation of non-gentile people in the financial industry, may or may not have anything to do with the lack of indictments, but given the evidence, there should be an investigation to determine if racial bias has played a role in the decision not to bring the largest perpetrators of theft and fraud in American history to justice. America should strive to rectify any racial disparities in the American criminal justice system, whether it be black, white, Latino, or Jewish. In addition, money and influence should not determine whether or not a person will pay for their crimes.


  • keri

    lol two words: RYAN BRAUN

  • S. M. Michaels

    Yes, Jews are racists. Just look at the facts. They started the NAACP (National Association of Colored People). Just look it up if it sounds too fantastic. I guess the Gentile racists just missed a good opportunity.


    P.S. I dare you to print this. Antisemetics, and slanderers like you are often too thin skin to take any critisim like a man/woman.

    • admin

      Maybe they started the NAACP as a cover for their racism or maybe they did it for good reasons, but we know for sure that the ADL was caught spying on the NCAAP a few years later and even supported the South African apartheid. This is info that will be in a future article on the ADL. For now though you can read the article “Why do so many jews hate black people” and then come back and talk.

    • Denise

      You don’t even know what NAACP stands for! How dare you claim that Jewish people started an organization that was started BY BLACK PEOPLE for black people. You are a bunch of elistis <L^&%^*. George ZImmerman is a Jew. Like it or not.

    • thetruthhurts

      Yes, Jews started the NAACP and it IS because they are racists, specifically they are racial supremacists. Because they are so obsessively race conscious (their race versus other races) this is why they foment conflict between whites and blacks, why they are often behind integration and increased immigration of minorities to take the focus off themselves so they can hide in plain sight. They are paranoid about standing out because they know if that if white and black americans bothered to pay close attention, they’d see that the 3% of the population that are Jews are the true ruling class, the true owners of this country, and are criminals.


        how many years has it been since the naacp has been founded? all these years later, america is just as racist as it was 40yrs ago. so what exactly is the naacp doing? and what does it have to show for it? i must admit that the jewish position has advanced tremendously in the past 40 yrs, but blacks, native americans, hispanics, and asians are still in the dumps

    • rick

      yes jews are racists, look at all the money making actors in hollywood. all are medicore adam sandler,ben stiller, jack black,sara jessica parker,pamela anderson,joan rivers, bette midler, barbara streisand, etc. your comment has made me look at who’s jewish in hollywood and i can’t believe that no one else notices that only jews make the big money and you phoneys can’t use your jew last names ( you call yourself the chosen people and are afraid to be openly jewish to america ) isn’t that an insult to your god ? grow-up you asshole and keep your loser comments to yourself. cause maybe the next time you need to be saved from evil. Americans and our allies won’t come to your rescue. P.s why do your rabbis pratice ” METZITZAH B’PEH (AKA SUCKING BABY BLOODY DICK ?

      • 8355378

        most jews are kenites

  • Andrea Brodey

    Wow! That is a new twist on racism. Now I am supposed to feel sorry for the white gentile?! You have got to be kidding. Male, white, gentiles are the most privileged of all people! There are lots of very successful white, christian people around the world. How did they do it, with 1% of the worlds population (yes, that is the number of jews in the world) taking everything from them? Spare me your pathetic insight. Jews have always pressured their children to work really hard at their academics, because for so much of the recent and not so recent history, they were not allowed to be landowners. They had to make their living as professionals and business people. The fact is, that I cringed when I thought George Zimmerman might be jewish. I know, first hand, how the jews get blamed for everything. Trayvon Martin is a sad death and definitely indicative of the black youth’s (wearing a hoody) perceived place in our society. Find peace, and steps forward, not back and blaming!

    • admin

      You are incredibly naive if you think white gentiles are the most privileged people on earth. Given the numbers of Jewish overrepresentation in government positions, higher education, and in terms of wealth it is statistically impossible. For example, how can white gentiles, who comprise 70% of the population, be “privileged” if Jewish people comprise 33% of the millionaires, 40% of the billionaires, and 50% of the top 20 wealthiest Americans? The truth is that white gentiles are the most underrepresented in the top schools, and also in many important positions like the Federal Reserve. Read the following article for some factual background before commenting again please.

      • ThatsSoRandom

        Well, this article speaks the truth. Its great having social media websites that curtail the Jewish control over the media. You should have seen CNN using every trick in the book to make Zimmerman look like a great guy. And if it wasn’t for social media websites like Facebook, this case would have been swept under the rug. If a Jew does anything successful (even if he steals the idea from someone else).. we hear about forever in the media and in textbooks. But if a Jew does something wrong, he now becomes a ”white” guy.

    • thetruthhurts

      Andrea Brodey: Please show where Jews in the U.S. have ever been prevented from owning land! Jews were not forced into their role as parasitic financiers. Jewish culture holds that out as a laudable goal. It is an intensely material culture (love of money and material pleasure), and considers deceit and trickery as traits to be proud of. Just read the Old Testament and you see the heroes are those who were crafty and deceitful…Abraham, Jacob, etc. And those who take financial advantage of those in need, Jacob, Joseph, etc.

    • cobhc1x

      Privileged my ass. The older you get the more you realize that your life is filled with lies. Google the article called

      “The Jewish Stake in America’s Changing Demography: Reconsidering a Misguided Immigration Policy” it was written by a jew. He will enlighten you as to who is privileged


        jews are privaleged. look at their involvement in wall street, hollywood, media, and academia. it’s a take over that people dont want to talk about.

        • cobhc1x

          I know that. That’s what I was telling the other guy. Clearly you didn’t read the article I mentioned.

  • HotSummer2012

    Zimmerman, Zimmerstein, Zimmerroth, Zimmergoldblum, Zimmerlansky, Zimmerlevinsky, Zimmermeyer, Zimmerwartell Zimmerfeld, Zimmercohen, Zimmerrosen, so what, his dad is a Jewish judge that can talk his way out whenever and however he wants to and y’all mother fucking niggers that never finished nigger high to get into drug world ain’t gonna get nothing cuz no witness is gonna come to finger point Georgie and pass the polygraph, y’all lice infested chipmonk hoodie gorillas.

  • Nestor James

    I can feel the slightest tremor in my hands as I start to write to you on this site. I am afraid. I am afraid that someone will see my name up there and then be able to call me a white-supremacist anti-Semitic racist with impunity for the rest of time. It is strictly forbidden to even think about any of the things you mentioned in your video. That fact alone should at least send up a red flag for people; aren’t we supposed to be able to discuss whatever we like, letting logic, intellectual honesty, and truth decide the rightness or wrongness of the various ideas? How long do you think a white person would keep a job with an established corporation once the boss saw even a link to this site on their Facebook page? There are a great many people who would like the police to come crashing through your front door and take you and your computer away forever.
    You could be Anders Breivik for all I know, and I do not offer any blanket endorsement of your ideas, but I do, damn it all, stand up for your right to freedom of speech and thought. You’re a smart guy and you’ve done a lot of research. In my books, if you’re right, you’re right, and if you’re wrong, you’re wrong – nothing else matters. You have been bookmarked.
    I’m actually a little bit scared…that’s really creepy.

  • Me

    Whites have always found it convenient to pit Jews and Blacks against each other. This gives them a feeling of insulation, but it is just a mirage. Only the power-elites are protected, certainly not poor working-class whites who have to bare the brunt of failing economic class structures. The author of this site is unwittingly protecting someone a lot greedier than he is. I suppose it seems easier and more satisfying to him than investigating his own racism. I don’t blame him, he is doing the work that has always been done by the abused soldiers of the dominant culture in a society. He is just as much a victim of the dominant culture as any minority, because he is forced to use his energies to justify racism rather than bettering himself. He is obviously intelligent, so it is quite a destructive waste of his talents.

    • Jim VESA


    • cobhc1x

      Watch “Americans faking hate crimes” and go to


      whites also pit hispanics against blacks. asians against blacks, and every other combination. jews also try to pit whites against muslims, which they do very frequently. i am always encouraged by jews to join in on muslim bashing, which i refuse to participate in. but i think it is sick for the jews to not just hate muslims, but try to get others to join them in their sick jihad.

  • suohrab smith

    Do not forget, the Jews are also responsible for the earthquakes and the rain in southern California.

    • jeremy toffle

      and also the death of many Palestinians

      • abebird

        The Jews are really responsible to the sun shining each day. The Palestinians have nothing to do with that. They are only making noise and dust !!!!

  • william

    The Jewish tribe shape the very thinking of the goy (gentile cattle) in America. Those in the know, KNOW. America for the most
    part has abandoned Jesus Christ, now it will be reaped in a harvest
    of sorrow. Aldous Huxley said in the 1930′s (they will love their
    chains) The mindwar is with those of the highest intellect, and they seem to have it (the power to control the percieved reality)

  • Jim VESA

    Only reason this guy was arrested was cause he isn’t black and the kid was. Jewish or not? If both were of same race there would have been no arrest.


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  • James

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  • James

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  • James

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  • James

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  • James

    Steven Spieberg has just did a movie about Abraham lincoln who was a gentile white man .

  • pubpubpub

    Shut up, Alcibiades Bilzerian, you politically-correct loser.

  • abebird

    The Jewish tribe controls the dumb goyim tribes (or gentile pigs) in America. Those in the know, KNOW. America for the most part has abandoned Jewsus Christ, now it will be reaped in a harvest of sorrow. We should kiss the Jews asses because they are our Jesuses of today !!!!!


    george’s dad definitely looks jewish.


      his brother also looks jewish

  • Shari Peterson

    It matters because of an aggressiveness the Talmudics are instilling in people and cops. Since 911 the ADL and two other Jewish organizations have been sending groups of police chiefs to ISrael to train with the IDF. They then come back and train their police forces.

    The police state forming around us is no &%*#& coincidence guys.