Israelis Are The Worst Anti-Semites On The Planet

February 4, 2012 at 12:25 am

Map showing Israel’s expansion into Palestine

The Anti-Defamation League, Israel lobby, and Israel apologists such as Alan Dershowitz are quick to label people unsupportive of Israel as anti-Semites, but in order to understand the validity of this terminology and labeling one has to understand what the word Semite really means. A Semite includes any ancient or modern Semitic speaking peoples in Southwest Asia (The Middle East). Arabs, Hebrews, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Maltese, Semitic speaking Ethiopians, and a great deal of other peoples are included in this list. To be anti-Semitic means to be against Semitic people, which includes Arabs and some Ethiopians, not just Jewish people, as certain anti-gentile racists in the media would lead you to believe. In fact, it could be argued that precluding Arabs from being represented as Semites in anti-Semitic rhetoric is anti-Semitic because it is against certain Semites; Arabs in this case.

The truth of the matter is that most American, European, and even Israeli Jews aren’t really Semites at all. Around 85-90% of modern day Jews are actually descendants of Khazars, which were a people located just north of Turkey. Khazars converted to Judaism in the 8th century and subsequently fled Khazaria and migrated into many parts of Europe. There have been some genetic studies done by Jewish scientists that attempt refute this, but those scientists have had their methodologies thoroughly debunked and their credibility questioned. Common sense alone should tell us that a group of modern day white people are not Semitic in origin because there weren’t any white people in Palestine thousands of years ago, which is why Palestinians and all of their other Arab neighbors aren’t white. Not so coincidentally, modern day Jewish people share a very distinct characteristic with a Khazar neighbor, the Armenians. Khazar Jews and Armenians are two of the only peoples in the world who have extremely large noses. Modern day Jews are also much more similar in skin tone to the Khazar neighbors than to the Palestinians. How ridiculous to think that two groups who supposedly evolved so close together would have different skin tones and nose sizes, but one of those groups would share those similarities with a group not neighboring Palestine. A Jewish historian, Arthur Koestler, researched the history of the Ashkenazi Jews and published a book titled The Thirteenth Tribe which concluded that their origins were just north of Turkey. Historical records and commons sense provide conclusive evidence that most modern day Jews are the decedents of Khazars and therefore not Semites at all.

In strict accordance with the definition, Jewish Americans and Jewish Israelis are the most anti-Semitic people in the world today. This fact first became evident when the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) poll in 2007 which found that 66% of Israeli teens believe Arabs are less intelligent, uncultured, and violent. Fifty percent of the Israelis taking the poll said they would not share an apartment with an Arab, befriend an Arab or let their kids befriend Arabs, or even let Arabs into their homes. A poll taken by the ACRI in 2008 found that these trends were increasing. Another poll taken in 2007, by the Center Against Racism found that 75% of Israeli Jews did not approve of Jews living in the same apartment buildings as Arabs, and that more than 50% of Jews would not have an Arab boss and thought that marrying an Arab was tantamount to national treason. Fifty percent of Israelis also thought Arabs should not be allowed in the same entertainment sites and 40% wanted Arab’s voting rights rescinded. Another survey conducted in 2012 revealed that most Israelis were in favor of apartheid.

When black African Jews returned to Israel in 1969 under the Right of Return Act, the government ruled that they were not real Jews and therefore did not qualify for citizenship or any legal status. The black Hebrews were also denied state benefits and work permits. It wasn’t until 2003 that black Hebrews were granted permanent residency, but not the automatic citizenship granted to all other races returning on the exact same provision. If it wasn’t for a group of Americans who shamed the Israeli government into granting black African Jews some legal status, they would probably never have received it. To this day black Jews are still not accepted by the Jewish community in Israel. Racial slurs, insults, and discrimination in housing rentals are commonplace. This treatment has reached such an unbearable level that Ethiopan Jews have taken to the streets to protest. In response, Sofa Landver, the Israeli Immigrant Absorption Minister, smugly replied that they should be grateful for all that Israel has done for them. This is reminiscent of white supremacist rhetoric in the America, which claims that Africans should be grateful their ancestors were brought to America. Israel was clearly created under the premise of future safety for all Jews, not just white European Jews. Therefore, black African Jews should have the same rights and entitlements to Israel as any other Jews.

The Israeli government has even been caught attempting to sterilize Semitic Ehtiopan Jews by giving them the controversial birth control, Depo-Provera, without warning them of the potential side effects. Ethiopian Jews are less than 1% of Israel’s population, but yet account for 60% of the women on Depo-Provera. The side effects are quite severe, including pain in the hands and back, heavy bleeding, and in some cases permanent sterilization. Around 10% of the women taking this drug develop substantial side effects. In 2004, the FDA warned against the dangers of the drugs. Unfortunately, many Semitic Ethiopian Jews fear being deported if they speak up about these types of human rights abuses. The following video outlines many of the abuses of the Semetic Ethiopian Jews at the hands of anti-Semitic Israelis.

This anti-semitism may explain why the Israeli military had no qualms about firing white phosphorous rockets into Palestinian villages in response to minor terrorist attacks. White phosphorous weapons are internationally illegal because they burn the victims alive in the most grotesque manner possible. When a nation does not view a particular race as human, it is far easier to commit war crimes against them. In addition, Arabs are often singled out in Israel for suspicionless and warantless searches, while Jews rarely are.

Israel is currently operating an apartheid state, which is quite similar to South Africa thirty years ago and America before the civil rights movement. According to a Human Rights Watch report, Israelis and Semitic Palestinians go to separate and completely unequal schools. Palestinian schools get a fraction of the funding Jewish schools get and those inequalities show up directly in the educational results. Israeli school textbooks depict Semitic Arabs as terrorists, primitive farmers, and refugees. Semitic Palestinians are often not allowed to live in the same apartment buildings, attend the same events, or even have the same rights to travel within Israel.

In 2010, the Israeli cabinet approved a bill that would require all future non-Jews applying for citizenship to swear loyalty to Israel as a Democratic Jewish state. This blatant and discriminatory bill was universally condemned outside of Israel as racist against Semitic Arabs, but gained much support from Israeli Jews.

In Israel, it is against the law for a gentile to marry a Jew. Amnesty International has condemned their marriage policy as discriminatory towards Semitic Arabs. Under the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, Israel bars the immigrant reunification for family members of citizens of Israel and residents of Israeli-occupied territories in Palestine. Meaning that Semitic Palestinian families can be separated legally.

This blatant disregard for Semitic people is not just an Israeli problem, but also a Jewish American problem as well, which is evidenced in the way Jewish Americans lobbied for the war in Iraq and are now lobbying for a war in Iran. The anti-Semitic American media rarely reported the hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties in Iraq due to an utter disregard for Semitic lives. Unfortunately, this vicious anti-Semitism in the American media is not a new occurrence, but has spanned decades and includes a virtual blackout of  Israeli war crimes in Palestine.

Even if Jewish people were Semites, the labeling of people who support Palestine over Israel as anti-Semitic is just plain ridiculous because both would be Semitic. It is also ridiculous to call an Arab anti-Semitic for being hostile to Jews, but then not reverse the labeling and call a Jew anti-Semitic for being hostile to Arabs. Jewish Israelis are unquestionably against Arabs, as many of them admit in survey after survey, so they must be labelled accordingly.


Update: On August 17, 2012, Jewish-Israeli racism manifested itself into action when a group of 40 Jewish Israelis, egged on by a 15-year-old girl, chased 4 Arab teenagers shouting “death to Arabs.” Three of the Arab kids got away, but one tripped and fell and was severely beaten by the Jewish Israelis. Hundreds of Jewish bystanders watched on, many of them cheering on the lynching. When volunteers from local charities entered the mayhem to provide CPR to the Arab youth, the Jewish Israelis asked why they were trying to revive the victim since he was just an Arab. A day before this lynching, a firebomb was thrown at a Palestinian taxi driver near Bethlehem, which the government attributed to Jewish nationalism. According to a Ynet article, the Jerusalem lynching was spurred on by the Israeli government’s discriminatory policies and Israelis’ increasing hostility towards foreigners.