Lobbyists Are Ruining America

August 17, 2013 at 1:03 am
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The Israel LobbyAmerica is no longer controlled by the people or their elected representatives. It’s not controlled by Republicans or Democrats, but rather by lobbyists representing special interest groups and corporations. Politicians rely on these special interest groups for campaign funding, and therefore act on their behalf. Some of these lobbies are are more powerful than others, but each has a unique and important effect on the way we live our lives.

For example, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) represents the private prison lobby, which campaigns to criminalize harmless activities so more Americans are sent to prison. Alcohol companies, correctional officers, and DEA agents have also jumped on the criminalization bandwagon and have spent millions in an effort to keep marijuana illegal so the alcohol companies have less competition and the prison guards/DEA have more people to put in prison. As a result, America has the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Israel lobbyists spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to make sure America sends tens of billions of its tax dollars to Israel, one of the wealthiest nations on the planet with more than 10,000 millionaires. The Israel lobby also uses its connections in the media and government to push for pointless Middle Eastern wars for Israel’s security. In addition, Israel lobbyists have aggressively proposed limitations on freedom of speech in an effort to quash criticism of Israel and silence people who publish the following facts: Israel regularly spies on America, has stolen military technology, and has even attacked American targets, among other things.

Large banks have lobbied for bailouts and pushed for the expansion of the Federal Reserve’s powers. The Fed is a body that institutionalizes the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest one percent of Americans.

Big corporations lobby to keep compliance costs and regulation high to force out smaller competitors. Oil lobbyists bribe politicians for subsidies and special contracts while reaping billions in profits. Ethanol lobbyists get Congress to subsidize an inefficient business which reduces the food supply. Big farming corporations lobby for laws that inhibit the ability of small farmers to sell their produce and milk directly to consumers.

Several lobbying groups have spent untold millions attempting to eliminate Second Amendment protections for firearm ownership. Powerful Jewish groups also regularly use their political connections to deny the Armenian holocaust, due to their historical role in the massacre.

Defense contractors lobby military officials and politicians to secure lucrative and bloated contracts for equipment the military doesn’t even need.

Tax attorneys, accountants, and estate planners lobby Congress against tax reform because they need complicated and convoluted tax laws to keep ordinary citizens coming in for advice.

In almost every industry and every part of our life we can find a company, lobbying firm, wealthy individual or group lobbying our corrupt politicians for special consideration, government money, wars, or the like. And this is why America’s is bogged down in unwinnable wars and bankrupt. We have foxes watching the henhouse.

  • mark

    What was Israel’s role in the Armenian genocide?

  • http://tklist.net/ TKList

    The voter wants regulation and taxes on business and the rich, which causes business and the rich to spend money on politics to influence taxes and regulations.

    If you count on the Government to do it or over regulate it, it will be hijacked by special interest groups (Unions, Financial Industry, Oil Industry, Farmers, Multi National Corporations, Religious Groups, Environmentalists, AARP, etc.), so it invites more corruption than solutions. People are given a false sense of security. A very good reason to keep Government to a minimum, and one of the reasons the Constitution is set up to constrain it.

    Repeal the 16th Amendment, abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax. Many lobbyist will lose their jobs. There will be nothing for the special interest groups to hijack.

    Blame the voter for the existence of lobbyists.

    • doodle

      The whole scare tactic of big govt is truely the biggest scam!!!! We dont need big regulation we need more elected officials voicing the opinions of the people

      • http://tklist.net/ TKList

        You do not seem to understand that the elected officials get voted in by the voice of the people.

        • Kyder Dog

          And business are People or so says the business.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            Businesses are people. So says the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

          • Kyder Dog

            which is even sadder..

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            It is only sad to people like you, who can not comprehend that it is correct.

          • Guest

            Wow your an asshole

        • Howard

          TKList – I am sorry but you are rather naive, despite the fact that I agree with some of what you say.
          Currently the problem is NOT the lobbyists having a long line of lobby people outside the door on Capital Hill is NOT a problem for Congressmen and Senators.
          The problem is that those lobbyists have funded the election of those Senators and Congressmen ! and therefore when they come to lobby … their views dominate the decisions of those Senators and Congressmen.
          The big problem is not the lobbying ! it is the money that politicians are forced to raise in order to get elected and then have to pay-back later.

          America needs to start at the beginning. Remove the money with a constitutional amendment.

          Out of that comes politicians who need ordinary people’s money, mixed with some State support, and their votes to get elected.

          Suddenly Big Oil loses it’s power ! Big Pharma too ! along with the Green Lobby, the cigarette lobby, the left wing lobbies too !

          Start with the money.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            To remove money from politics you have to get rid of what attracts money to politics. Which is the Tax Code and excessive regulation.

            Repeal the 16th Amendment, abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax. Less money will go into politics because there will be less to manipulate. There will be nothing for the special interest groups to hijack.

            Reduce regulations to the minimum necessary. Less money will go into politics because there will be less to manipulate. There will be less for the special interest groups to hijack.

          • Howard

            Your argument does not hold water I regret to say. There is more regulation and more complexity in the tax systems in Europe, yet there is no similar problem with money and politicians.
            In the UK, Ireland and many others there are very very strict rules limiting money that can be given by people and businesses. There are also limitations on spending in elections.
            Yet regulation is widespread and seen as part of the modern European managed capitalism. And the tax systems in all of these countries is complex – I have spent many years in contact with it in my work.
            Whet distinguishes the USA is the totally and utterly unregulated and unlimited money being poured in to politicians campaigns that essentially ‘buy’ those politicians.
            You have good points about regulation and complexity of taxes. But nothing will happen unti the money is removed from politicians livs.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            Sorry to say your argument does not hold water. You do not look to do a wrong to fix a wrong. Money is speech. You do not infringe on peoples’ 1st Amendment rights to fix this problem.

          • Howard

            “Money is speech”

            So someone who is rich has more free speech rights than someone who is not rich.

            THAT is the essence of your world view, and if it is then it is deeply un-American, and fundamentally undemocratic.

            It is essentially a belief in a Plutocracy and not a Democracy.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            To silence people based on the size of their bank accounts is Un-American. I believe in a Republic.

          • Howard

            Please explain how exactly anyone is being silenced ? How is having their rights held at the same level as everyone else ‘silencing’ ?

            North Korea is a Republic.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            When you limit you suppress speech. Ancient Greece was the last direct Democracy.

          • Howard

            “When you limit you suppress speech.”

            You’re not making any progress on that one. Every citizen is limited to his own voice and vote and activism. That is not suppression and nothing you say will make it so.

            You want to give rich people extra speech rights for having more money. That is why Congress and the Senate have been bought by wealth.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            Should we limit publishers because they have the money to publish what they choose? According to your thinking the answer is yes.

          • Howard

            All businesses should be limited in their contribution to the political process. All companies should be limited to 1,000 dollars in total. All individuals should also be limited to 1,000 dollars in total.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            That is nonsense. Enjoy your nonsense.

          • Howard

            I accept your inability to justify your position.

          • http://tklist.net/ TKList

            I accept that you are delusional.

          • Howard

            LOL … have a nice day :-)

      • http://tklist.net/ TKList

        The more regulations and taxes the voter wants on business and the rich, the more lobbyists will be hired to influence the outcome. Voters do not realize it, but they are the root cause of corruption in government.

    • Doug Young

      Or… you could just reform campaign finance law, like we tried to do before the Supreme Court declared money as speech and corporations as people.

      • http://tklist.net/ TKList

        The only thing that should be in campaign finance law is full disclosure of donations.

      • Howard

        It is clear that this cannot be done unless the American people come out and change the COnstitution ! Other countries have amendments to their constitution every few years…. it’s not the end of the world ! America will not collapse because the “Founders’ words are changed.

  • Howard

    Human nature is the way it is. Politicians are ordinary people playing the Game according to the rules that are set out for them to play by. That’s how life is.

    When voters don’t bother voting.

    When voters will not change the rules that the game is played by.

    When voters will not get Big Money out of Politics …… then it is total hypocrisy for them to expect or demand that politicians play differently.

    The most powerful thing the American people can do to fix their country; the most powerful thing that Americans can do to draw power back to the people ! ….. is to change the law to outlaw big money from politics.

    All of the other issues and controversies are only symptoms of the one disease.

    • Paul Kopalek

      That’s all right on.

      Except that the choices available to vote for are not really choices, a large majority of the time.

      I think it’s a step further. The public needs to bring new candidates who don’t have flashy TV commercials or big party endorsements to get them into the spotlight. That’s a tough thing to accomplish.

      Like this guy:


      • Howard

        Choice to vote for now or after you change the money rules ? Because those available to vote for AFTER corporate and wealth money is removed from the system will be very different people and very different kinds of people.
        America, like many countries in Europe really must grapple with this issue and be prepared to get involved in public financing of election to SOME extent, enough to enable the kinds of people you mention to get into the race.

    • Doug Young

      We tried. The Supreme Court said no.

      • Howard

        Is that it ? You just give up ? When other countries find their Constitution is out of date THEY CHANGE IT !

        Get involved in the campaigns to introduce a Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics and make your country decent and great again !

        This is one of them:

  • doodle


    Untill the whole campaign financing scheme is taken away from giving to individual s then its going to be an unfair game. Form a group and have one group collect all campaign contributions and then let those running for office draw from a pot where no one knows who gave what money to sponsor the candidates

  • Marlon

    Couldn’t we crowdsource funding for a People’s Lobby so that where there is broad consensus agreement on things like net neutrality or privacy some pushback could start at the legislative level? Trying to access the courts for redress is cost prohibitive to the private individual. It feels good to fight city hall and win (I have), it also is expensive. After I wrote my congressman regarding my privacy concerns following the NSA disclosures, my representative wrote me personally to say that everything the NSA is doing is lawful. He wrote his reply prior to us knowing everything the NSA was doing. If what they are doing is lawful, I’ll sit on a Coke bottle and praise Jesus.

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  • Pat Kittle

    When these eternally self-pitying Zionist war criminals try to intimidate us we ought to laugh in their faces.

    Enough with their treachery!