The US-Israel Special Relationship Timeline That AIPAC Doesn’t Want You To See

August 23, 2012 at 8:23 pm

May 14, 1948- Official Recognition- The United States of America becomes the first country to officially recognize Israel as an independent nation.

1949-1973- US-Israel Aid Commences- The United States gives Israel an average of $122 million per year in foreign aid payments.

Summer 1954- Lavon Affair- Israel recruits Egyptian Jews to blow up American and British targets in Egypt. Israel planned on blaming the murderous false-flag attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood in an effort to garner support from the US and Britain. After officially denying any involvement, the Israeli government finally admitted their role in the incident in 2005 by honoring the surviving agents with a certificate of appreciation.

1955-1970- Israel Steals American Uranium to Build It’s First Nuclear Weapons- In 2011, the Institute for Research on Middle Eastern Policy examined hundreds of newly de-classified documents from the FBI and CIA and discovered that Israeli spies in collaboration with American Jews stole hundreds of kilograms of weapons grade uranium from US stockpiles and shipped it to Israel. Although Israel does not officially acknowledge the possession of nuclear weapons, their nuclear arsenal is estimated at between 200-300 nuclear weapons. (Source)

1963- AIPAC Formed- The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby” is formed, but refuses to comply with US law and register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. AIPAC has been in violation of federal law for nearly 50 years, but through political contributions and connections, AIPAC officials have remained above prosecution for their many violations of Federal law, including espionage (as addressed later).

June 8, 1967- USS Liberty- Israeli jets and torpedo boats attack the American naval ship USS Liberty with the intention of murdering every sailor on board and then blaming the attack on Egypt. Israel’s goal was to draw America into the Israeli-Arab War. Israel has officially claimed the attack was an “accident,” but every survivor of the USS Liberty claimed that it could not possibly have been an accident given that Israeli jets flew directly over the ship hours earlier on several occasions and one pilot flew so close that he waved to the US sailors, and the sailors waved back. Given the proximity of the jets and the surrounding facts of the incident, there is no question that Israel knew whose ship it was. Lt. General Marshall Carter, the director of the NSA, told congress the attack, “couldn’t be anything else but deliberate.” A later coverup ensued, and in 2002, Captain Ward JAGC senior counsel for the court of inquiry claimed that the court of inquiry’s findings were intended to coverup what was a deliberate attack by Israel on a ship it knew to be American.

1975-  Oil Guarantee-  The Jewish US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, secretly brokered a deal in which the United States of America guaranteed Israel’s oil supply in the event of a crisis. The 1975 Israel-United States Memorandum of Understanding (see the full text here) required the United States to maintain an oil reserve for Israel and guarantee the shipping of that oil to Israel in times of emergency. This deal has cost the United States more than a hundred billion dollars since it was first enacted. The most troubling aspect of this deal was not the cost however, but the stipulation that in case of an oil emergency in which both the US and Israel needed oil, the US would give its oil to Israel. Section 3 (b):

 If the oil Israel needs to meet all of its normal requirements for domestic consumption is unavailable for purchase in circumstances where’ quantitative restrictions through embargo or otherwise also prevent the United States from procuring oil to meet its normal requirements, the United States Government will promptly make oil available for purchase by Israel in accordance with the International Energy Agency conservation and allocation formula as applied by the United States Government, in order to meet Israel’s essential requirements. If Israel is unable to secure the necessary means to transport such oil to Israel, the United States Government will make every effort to help Israel secure the necessary means of transport.

This is oil that would have been used to heat homes during the winter, power ambulances, and provide the fuel for tractors to farm America’s agricultural lands. To put this into perspective, in the event of an oil crisis, the fuel that Americans would need to heat their homes, get them to work, and produce food would go to Israel. This agreement very well could have starved tens of thousands of Americans in order to save Israelis if an oil crisis would have taken place.

1978- US Starts Paying Egypt $1.3 Billion Annually In Exchange For Maintaining Good Relations With Israel- John McCain admitted in a CNN interview that US-Egyptian aid was essentially a bribe to maintain good relations with Israel. The aid was pledged during a US-brokered peace negotiation between Egypt and Israel, and began to be distributed just after the signing of the Egypt-Israel peace accord.

1980-1981- Israel Teams Up With Republicans to Defeat Jimmy Carter- During the Iran hostage crisis of 1979-1981, Israel, upset at President Jimmy Carter’s attempt to create a peaceful two-state solution in Palestine, used its clandestine operations in Iran to prevent American hostages from being released before Carter’s re-election bid. Carter wrote in his White House Diaries that Israel was purposefully thwarting the peace process with Palestine so it could continue to settle on Palestinian land. History has certainly proven Carter right, and Peter Beinart, the author of The Crisis of Zionism confirms this fact by investigating every major Israeli-Palestinain peace negotiation, and pointing out Israel’s efforts to subvert them. According to Consortium News, Israel used its operatives in Iran to ensure that US hostages were not released before the election, which doomed Carter’s chances for re-election. The hostages were released immediately after Reagan’s inauguration, and Israel was subsequently caught shipping US weapons to Iran after an Israeli chartered plane crashed in the Soviet Union. Israel claimed to have the Reagan administration’s approval for the transfer. As the Consortium article points out, recent discoveries make the cooperation between the Israelis and Republicans to remove a US President by using American hostages as political pawns, impossible to ignore.

1980-1990- Israel Steals American Technology and Equipment at Unprecedented Levels- According to the Israeli newspaper Hareetz, “It is worth mentioning that in the 1980s, regardless of Jonathan Pollards’ espionage activities for Israel, Israeli companies and individuals were involved many cases of  technological espionage, stealing U.S. secrets, technology and equipment. The most outstanding case involved Milco, a U.S. based company owned by Israeli tycoon Arnon Milchan, which bought and shipped equipment with which could have also been used as triggers for nuclear weapons.” Recently released FBI documents revealed that current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was integrally involved in the Milco incident.

1982- Sabra and Shatila MassacresThe Israeli military purposefully allowed a right-wing Lebanese militia to enter two Palestinian refugee camps, which were under Israel’s control, and rape, murder, and dismember 800 civilians. Nearly all of the dead were women, children, and elderly men. In 1983, an Israeli investigation concluded that then Defense Minister Ariel Sharon bore “personal responsibility” for failing to prevent the massacre. The New York Times recently uncovered de-classified transcripts of conversations between US officials and Israeli officials, in which Israeli officials misled the Americans about the events in Beirut, and bullied them into accepting outrageous accusations that the Palestinian women and children were “terrorists,” and therefore deserved to be massacred. According to the New York Times, “The Sabra and Shatila massacres severely undercut America’s influence in the Middle East, and its moral authority plummeted.” Only a year later, in 1983, the US marine barracks were bombed in Lebanon, in which 241 marines were killed.

1985- Jonathan Pollard Incident- A Jewish American named Jonathan Pollard was caught stealing American secrets and selling them to Israel. At first, Israel denied any involvement in the incident, but later admitted complicity in 1998. The wife of Pollard’s handler, Avi Sella, worked for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), and Pollard later admitted that a prominent ADL member was deeply involved in the spying. Like AIPAC, the ADL does not register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act as per the law, even though it works closely with the Mossad, and has been caught spying on Americans for Israel. Amazingly, the ADL even had the gumption to shamelessly appeal to President Clinton in 1993 to commute their spy’s sentence. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also campaigned for Pollard’s release.

1987- Israel Starts Receiving Regular Payments of More Than $3 Billion Per Year. The real US-Israel aid is estimated to be $15-$20 billion per year when valuable military equipment deemed “scrapped”, loan guarantees, under the table aid, and preferential contracts are factored in.

1990- First Gulf War. Saddam agreed to withdraw from Kuwait if Israel complied with international law and withdrew from Palestine. Instead of encouraging Israel to abide by international law, the US launched an attack on Iraq, even though Iraq did not threaten America’s oil supply nor pose any danger to US interests. Israel did not send any troops or material support for the invasion.

1993- ADL Spying Scandal- San Francisco newspapers broke the story that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, which has close ties to Israel, had been paying American police officers for confidential information, illegally wire-tapping phones, and even dumpster diving to acquire  private information on American citizens. The Anti-Defamation League later sold the information to the Israeli and South African governments. Among the individuals the ADL spied on were civil rights activists deemed “anti-Israel”, Congressmen such as Nanci Pelosi, reporters, labor unions, the NAACP, African National Congress, and the Rainbow Coalition. Presumably the ADL was going to use any damning material acquired during their spying efforts to blackmail these politicians and influential people into changing their negative stances on Israel. Just one of their spies, Roy Bullock, had compiled files on more than 9,800 Americans and 950 organizations spanning three decades. After the search of the ADL offices, the San Francisco District Attorney said the ADL was conducting a “national spy network.”

1993AIPAC President David Steiner Caught on Tape Bragging About his Organization’s Incredible Power in America. Steiner first admitted to manipulating the US Secretary of State into giving Israel more foreign aid. Steiner said he, ”met with [Secretary of State] Jim Baker and I cut a deal with him. I got, besides the $3 billion, you know they’re looking for the Jewish votes, and I’ll tell him whatever he wants to hear … Besides the $10 billion in loan guarantees which was a fabulous thing, $3 billion in foreign, in military aid, and I got almost a billion dollars in other goodies that people don’t even know about.”

In the same conversation, Steiner said he would support any politician who has been good to Israel over his own brother. He also discussed his efforts to get Jewish, and pro-Israel candidates re-elected, even by paying for a rigged poll. Steiner was attempting to raise money for dozens of pro-Israel candidates through his position at AIPAC, even though the organization claims that it doesn’t engage in such behavior. In the conversation, Steiner asked a potential Jewish donor to get his children to write checks in order to subvert political donation laws.

Steiner also said, “We gave two employees from AIPAC leave of absences to work on the [Clinton] campaign. I mean, we have a dozen people in that campaign, in the headquarters….and they’re all going to get big jobs. We have friends. I also work with a think tank, the Washington Institute. I have Michael Mandelbaum and Martin Indyk being foreign policy advisers. Steve Speigel—we’ve got friends—this is my business.”

“I talked to Bill Clinton [and he made a commitment that] he’s going to be very good to us.” ”One of my officers, Monte Friedkin, is one of the biggest fund-raisers for them [Clintons]. I mean, I have people like that all over the country.”

When asked if he knows who Bill Clinton would put on the Supreme Court if elected, Steiner replied, “We’re talking now. We don’t have no commitments yet. We’re just negotiating. We’re more interested right now, in the Secretary of State and the Secretary of National Security Agency. That’s more important to us.” He also said, “we are negotiating” who will be Secretary of State.

1993- Israel Caught Selling US Military Secrets to China- Israel sold $2-3 billion worth of sensitive US military technology to China. This was technology that the US had specifically forbidden to be delivered to China in anyway shape or form, as it would undermine America’s national security. Read this link for the full story.

1996 GAO Spy Report- The Government Accountability Office reported that Israel spies on the US more than any other ally.

2000-2003 Iraq Sanctions-  In 2000, AIPAC distributed a letter asking AIPAC members to put pressure on the US Congress and the President to ramp up sanctions on Iraq and block the oil for food program, which was providing Iraqi civilians with much needed food and medicine. In 2003, AIPAC attempted to block a bill that would have allowed US companies to export food and medicine to Iraqi civilians. AIPAC took the position that the food and medicine would not help the Iraqi people, which is obviously untrue, and that the bill would hasten Saddam’s effort to procure weapons of mass destruction. Saddam was of course not building weapons of mass destruction, and the AIPAC efforts ended up murdering thousands of Iraqi civilians.

September 11, 2001- Five Dancing Israelis- The terrorists who perpetrated the worst attack on America in its history stated on record that their motivation was America’s unabashed support for the apartheid regime of Israel. Five dancing Israelis were actually caught filming the world trade center attacks and dancing in celebration afterwards. When the Israelis were caught in a van that had contained explosives, they said we are all on the same side now against the Palestinians. The dancing Israelis later admitted on an Israeli talk show that they were there to document the event. Before the US government classified all information on Israel’s involvement in 9-11, the FBI officially concluded that Israel had to have known of the attack before 9-11-2001 and didn’t warn the US. After the attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “We are benefitting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.” He also said, “these events have swung American public opinion in our favor.”At best, Israel knew of the attacks before hand and did not warn America because of the strategic support against the Palestinians that it would bring. At worst, Israel had a hand in planning the attacks.

2001- Israeli Spies DeportedMore than 60 Israeli spies were arrested and detained. Most of them failed lie-detector tests about their spying activities on the US and their connection to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

2002- Harvard Economist Estimates Total US-Israel Aid At $3 trillion. Dr. Thomas R. Stauffer, a world renowned economist who taught economics and Middle East studies at Harvard, as well as serving twice in the Executive Office of the President on a task force for oil imports and controls, estimated that as of 2002 (in 2002 dollars) Israel has cost the US $3 trillion. His estimate took into account direct military aid, political support, oil price increases as a result of conflicts, and peripheral/hidden foreign aid.

In Stauffer’s estimation, US aid to Israel costs 275,000 American jobs per year due to unfair trade imbalances and sanctions on Israel’s enemies. In one example of under the table aid, Stauffer pointed out that the US actually gave Russia and Romania billions of dollars in undeclared aid to facilitate Jews moving to Israel. The US has also spent hundreds of billions in the region to secure friendly relationships with Israel. John McCain admitted in an interview that US aid to Egypt is really just a bribe so the Egyptians will maintain friendly relations with Israel. The US has also given Turkey and Greece billions for the same purpose.

A summary of Stauffer’s breakdown can be found here: 

2003- Iraq War-  In January 2003, AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr stated, “quietly lobbying Congress to approve the use of force in Iraq” was one of AIPAC’s successes over the past year.” Jeffrey Goldberg reported during a profile piece of AIPAC’s policy director Steven J. Rosen that, “AIPAC lobbied Congress in favor of the Iraq war.”

In addition, the US media, which by this point was almost completely controlled by Jewish American supporters of Israel (see this link for proof), refused to investigate the validity of the government’s accusation of Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction. The mainstream media then went a step further by criticizing anti-war activists and even called them traitors who were against the troops. Many Americans leaders and reporters came out after the war and criticized the media for its pro-war propaganda, but very few spoke of the Israeli connection for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic.

Even though Israel aggressively lobbied America to attack Iraq, they committed no troops or resources to the struggle.

2005- AIPAC Spying Scandal- A pentagon analyst pleads guilty to passing military secrets to two AIPAC employees en route to Israel. After some political wrangling, all charges were dropped against the two Jewish AIPAC employees in 2009, even though the analyst agreed to testify against the AIPAC employees, and the government had overwhelming evidence to prosecute. It was later reported by Time magazine that Jane Harman, a Jewish congresswoman, was bribed by AIPAC to lobby the Department of Justice to drop the spying charges against the AIPAC employees. In 2009, CQ politics reported that Harman was caught on a NSA wiretap telling an Israeli agent that she would lobby the Department of Justice to drop the case.

2008-2009- Israel Fires White Phosphorous Shells Into Civilian Locations, Including a Crowded Refugee Camp. At first, the Israeli army categorically denied the use of white phosphorous gas on civilians (a war crime), but then later admitted it when video footage made it impossible to deny. These weapons were made in the USA.  The entire planet criticized the barbaric and internationally illegal war crimes, but President Bush and the United States supported the Israeli atrocities, which hurt America’s standing in the world.

2010- Israel is Caught Stealing America’s Nuclear Triggers- The United States Bureau of Industry and Security released a report concluding that nuclear triggers were illegally exported to Israel. (Source)

2010- Israel Bribes US News Outlets for Biased Stories- Newly declassified files prove that Israel has actually been covertly paying American media outlets tens of millions of dollars to publish pro-Israel stories. Among other things, the documents revealed that Israel paid the Atlantic magazine $50,000 to disrupt a US peace proposal that would have allowed Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in Israel. These documents came from a Senate hearing, which ended up being censored by American politicians who received significant campaign financing from non-gentile sources. The bribed senators even went as far as sealing the most damning documents from the investigation.

January 13, 2012- Atlanta Jewish Times Owner Claims the Mossad is Considering Assassinating President Obama- Andrew Adler, the owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times, writes an article stating that Israel has three options in order to defend itself. 1. Attack Hezbollah and Hamas 2. Defy the US and attack Iran 3. “give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.” He went on to say, “Yes you read three correctly. Order a hit on a US President in order to preserve Israel’s existence.” He claimed to know for sure that this option was already “being discussed in Israel’s most inner circles”, and given his high powered Israeli friends, you can bet that he is correct.

April 18, 2012- The Bilzerian Report Estimates the Total Cost of America’s Relationship with Israel, Adjusted for Inflation and Including the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to be in Excess of $5 trillion, or $16,000 per American.

July 28, 2012- CIA Reports that Israel is the Largest Spy Threat in the Middle East. The report details numerous incidents of Israeli spies breaking into American diplomats’ homes and offices to steal sensitive material.

Israel anchor around America's feet


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      There are extensive sources and videos for almost every single event addressed in the article. If you have any specific questions I will be happy to provide more supporting material. Or, you can simply research any one or two points yourself through google and you will find that they are true. In fact, many of the sources I used were actually Jewish or Israeli. With respect to Romney, see my article Breaking Bad: The Mitt Romney story and let me know if you would still consider voting for him.

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      Good for you for sharing! I’m American and I LOVE these types of expose’s. It has been a long time coming that these charlatans be exposed for who they really are. They rejected YehOshu’a and continue to deny Him if they are not Messianic Jews, and so a day of reckoning shall be at hand.

      The spiritual element to everything going on over there is that there is a high-ranking fallen angel or “prince” as noted in the Bible in charge over that region (Middle East). See the Old Testament Book of Daniel (chapter 10, specifically). “Princes and powers” spoken of in both the canonical and noncanonical works are angelic beings. Who do you think runs this planet? The evil ones.

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    Correction The US recognized Israel May 15th 1948 as it asked to be recognized “ as an independent republic within frontiers approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its Resolution of November 29, 1947, and that a provisional government has
    been charged to assume the rights and duties of government for preserving law and order within the boundaries of Israel, for defending the state against external aggression, and for discharging the obligations of Israel to the other nations of the world in accordance with international law…etc ”

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      “The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many
      Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or
      mistreated as D[isplaced] P[ersons] as long as the Jews get special
      treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political
      neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or
      mistreatment to the under dog. Put an underdog on top and it makes no
      difference whether his name is Russian, Jewish, Negro, Management,
      Labor, Mormon, Baptist he goes haywire. I´ve found very, very few who
      remember their past condition when prosperity comes.”-HARRY TRUMAN

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        Israeli Ashkenazim are NOT Semites but Japhetites [Genesis 10:3]

        Semites are descendants of Shem: Arabs are Semitic Hebrews though Joktan or Pelegtite Abramite Ishmaelites [Genesis 10:25]

        Remnant of Edom: Are the descendants of Esau & Ishmael’s daughter [Genesis 28:9]

        • Sgt. Grimsley USMC

          They are indeed Semites, although moderately diluted ones. Here’s the real story according to archaeology, historical records, and genetic evidence:

          Ashkenazim are the descendants of Hebrews/Israelites who left Canaan over a millenium ago and immigrated into Southern Europe, up through the Rhine valley and eventually spread East and West. As they did so they intermarried to a limited extent with surrounding peoples, so that today they’re more Canaanite-European hybrids than anything else.

          Israel was a Canaanite Kingdom, and the Canaanites were just Semitic people living on the coast as opposed to the Arabian desert or near the Euphrates river.

          The Sephardim are those who went to Spain and were expelled in the 1492, and the Mizrachim are those who went into the Middle East. It’s arguable that these two latter groups are “purer” but the debate is still ongoing.

          • initiate

            Thought you might find this interesting, but then you may have already read it:

          • J.D. Biase

            Revelations 2:9! Read it Sgt. Grimsley USMC!

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            I read it. I’m not talking about “spiritual” Jews though, I’m talking about Jews by blood. Bee, Ell, Oh, Oh, Dee: Blood!

          • J.D. Biase

            With all due honor and respect sir, I beg to differ (no, it’s NOT because you’re in the USMC and I was in the US Army), but I am the great grandson of Grigory Y. Sokol’Nikov (from my real father’s side, Biase is NOT my real last name) himself, and he claimed to be a Jew, actually, my whole father’s side claimed to be Jews, yet I have absolutley no blood-line to the Biblical Israelis what so ever. I’m a Jesus 1st’er by the way.

          • Sgt. Grimsley USMC

            Haha, it’s quite alright.

            Get a blood test of your Y-DNA, it’ll only check direct ancestors but it’ll tell you something. They’ve done actual in-depth testing of Jewish people though and on the average well, there is no average. They range from 12% middle eastern to 60% it all depends, but most Jews have a significant amount of Israelite blood, it’s just diluted as hell.

          • La Bella Bre’

            I find that interesting, as my Middle Eastern ancestry through genealogical research and DNA is exactly 13%. However, though I may be a True Israelite by blood and ancestry, I do not practice Judaism, but I do obey the Levitical Laws. I consider myself Christian, or for YehOshu’a haMashiach (Yeshayah the Messiah), erroneously called Jesus Christ.

            The Synagogue of Satan noted in 11 Esdras, Revelations 2:9, Revelations 3:9 does indeed speak of the Jews, whether it be by bloodline or by conversion. Remember, they will be the ones to defile the 3rd Temple. There’s unlikely to be anyone else to do this afree billions will be spent on construction and gold scaraments. The Israelis will not allow others like Gentiles into that Temple once it comes to be so Revelations is talking about them and their supporters…the Zionists who are inherent racute though they claim to be neighbor-loving Christians (majority right wing conservatives).

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        It is understandable to express outrage at those who use god and the bible as an excuse to destroy a peoples legitimate homeland.
        That outrage is far more legitimate than the oppressor Zionist calling those who are outraged with their impunity “anti-Semitic”.

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    • La Bella Bre’

      Yes! YehOshu’a surely could not have been one of such an impure bloodline. Remember, Satan tried to defile the line in Eden so that YehOshu’a haMashiach (Yeshayah the Messiah), erroneously called Jesus Christ (not getting at you, just saying the name Jesus came from the EVIL, corrupt Jesuits), could never be born. However, the Most High (Lord of Hosts) made the miracle of the Immaculate Conception because the line had been made impure by satan and the Nephilim. I don’t capitalize satan on purpose.

      Thank you for being one of the very few who are awake today. They are indeed satanic zionists and are not the True Israelites by blood line. Native Americans, Latinos, Black Africans and African-Americans are. See the book, “Lost Tribes and Promised Lands: The Origins of American Racism” by Ronald Sanders. Might I note that this book is only found in seminaries, universities, colleges, public libraries. In cost it is running over $600 a pop and is this expensive because there is a truth in it “they” don’t want people to know. The book is written by a Jewish man.

  • arethusa13

    Please leave aside the bigotry. It is inappropriate. If you have complaints, articulate them specifically. What are they? Why are they a problem?

  • Badinko

    Don’t let stupidity reign: there is a difference between ordinary Jews who go about their lives normally and zionists or Israel-firsters who actively seek to benefit Israel, no matter the cost to the USA or other nations. One group deserves derision and counter-action, the other does not.

    • Badinko

      Same philosophy should be applied to all. Jihadis do exist, yet it non-sensical to blame all moslems. Same goes for Jews.

  • spinoza67

    One can’t help but wonder what Israel has over America. No nation is that forgiving.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    In 1963 prior to Israel killing JFK there was the Zionist Council of America, after the killing they changed their name to AIPAC. He wanted to force them to Register as a Foreign Agent rendering the Jews powerless in our government. I will get a petition going if you guys help me get a million signatures, but it has to be done where a name change won’t keep them operational. I am on Tweeter @changeingyou Thanks for great article.