Best Ways to Make Money Online: Our Top Work from Home Jobs

how to make money online

Whether you want to make some quick cash or you are looking for sustainable long-term income, you can do all of this online these days. As a matter of fact, making money online is nowhere near as hard as you might think it is. Having said that, some level of discipline is still necessary.

On the other hand, if you really want realistic ways you can use to actually start making money online, then you have seven different pathways towards Internet profit. Some of them are faster than others, in terms of income production. These can certainly help your monthly necessities, such as food, rent or mortgage, and your utilities. Others feature more long-term potential that take longer, but can also change your life dramatically in terms of how much money you’re making.

Regardless of the specific path that you take to manifest online income, you need to keep one really crucial thing in mind. Money is something that can be many things. It can be earned or spent. You can save it or pilfer it. Money can even be invested or just wasted. Time is different, and that’s precisely why time is so much more precious than money. Time can’t be recreated. Once you spend time on anything, it’s never coming back.

When you are short on time, then making any kind of money, offline or on, might seem impossible. How can you possibly do this when you’re already losing 40 or more hours a week at a soul-sucking job you want to be free of? Full-time employment is often a form of stability for most, letting them rest easy at night. However, they can still be miserable in their comfort, devoid of the creativity necessary to look for new means of producing income.

Irrespective of which path you choose to come up with an online income, you must change your viewpoint. You need to feel empowered more than discouraged, although admittedly most people feel some mixture of both at times. Simply speaking, trying to make money online is a world filled with potential pitfalls, but you can actually take realistic steps to avoid them. Keep some basic guidelines in mind, and you can block out the mental noise of negativity.

If you’re genuinely hoping to use online income as a full-time source of money, if not more, then you need to emphasize passive income over active income. Granted, active income can help you get by, but that’s also highly tuned to the scarcity mentality. However, if you would like to thrive more than just survive, then it’s passive income that you really want.

Given how limited your available time is, passive income needs to be a huge portion of your online ventures and efforts. If you seriously want substantial income online, then you need to emphasize passive income among your various objectives. Why is this? Wouldn’t you rather work once and then get paid over and over instead of just using time to produce your income? Putting in time early on means you can reap the rewards later on. This will mean investing sweat equity without getting paid right away. Just know that you’re going to get paid later on. You’ll also keep getting paid from a passive income stream, whether you stop pursuing it keep growing it.

Anyone that would like to make real money online absolutely has to pursue passive income. However, they also need to alternatively work on their active income, too. The Internet presents plenty of ways to generate passive income, and many of them revolve around a blog with a lot of traffic from a broad audience, many of whom sign up for a subscription or email list. This isn’t all that easy to do, but it is well worth it.

You don’t have to start up a blog today to start making money online. You might choose something other than a blog for your starting point, but if you want long-term income production online, then you need to strongly consider a blog.

1. Gig-Based Economy (Uber, Instacart, Lyft)

If you need to whip up some money sooner rather than later, then joining the app economy should be something you think about seriously.

  • Lyft/Uber: Are you in a location with Lyft or Uber? What about a competitor, like Didi in China? All these offer drivers flexible hours, letting you work when you want. This makes it a great side-gig even when you work full-time but want to make more money.
  • Postmates: A car is often necessary with this particular service, but not always. In very urban centers, like Manhattan, then a bike is sometimes all that you need.
  • iBotta: You can use this to get cash-back rewards simply by buying products featured by major retailers. All you need to do is add the rebates, do some shopping, and the take a picture of the receipt to get your cashback. It’s very simple, and yet very effective.
  • Task Rabbit: This app is another simple and effective means of generating some side-gig income. Tasks range anywhere from basic repairs to detailed projects. The app is known for how carefully it vets every single service provider, so that users get good quality results. That makes it an effective means of side income while working on your very own terms.
  • Ebates: This app lets you buy things you already buy online, only you get cash-back rewards. When you use eBates, you don’t have to scan any receipts. You just click on an app link to buy things from the store. You get credited with cash rewards automatically upon each purchase, as well as getting email confirmations.
  • Swagbucks: This offers you numerous ways to make money. Browse the Web, answer surveys, watch videos, and shop online. Get cash back from the app or even gift cards for your work.
  • Inbox Dollars: This app not only pays you for shopping and surveys, but even watching television! Cash offers available mirror many of the same apps already listed.

2. Freelance Jobs: Craigslist, Upwork, Fiverr

You don’t have to create your own website to make money. Many already exist that provide opportunities for income, both passive and active alike. For instance, you might be able to sell off used items or even create digital designs that someone might use on merchandise. Again, remember to put most of your time into passive income so you can start gradually building up earnings that work on autopilot with more effort.

You’ll quickly discover that many of these sites have their own apps. However, they’re not as involved as the details of the gig economy.

  • Craigslist: People have been using this site for more than a decade to make a little extra money. You can sell off used things easily, offer the world your services, or rent out the spare room in your home.
  • Upwork: This particular website is a wonderful marketplace if you want to sell nearly any professional service. You don’t even have to have a website or a merchant account. You just need to be able to offer high-caliber services at fair prices. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to compete with plenty of others who also bid on open jobs.
  • Cafe Press: Here, you can make digital designs which are then sold to the platform itself. You get a commission on anything that sells, but you also never have to handle customer service, printing, or warehousing. If you have any graphic design skills, this is a possible opening for online income.
  • Fiverr: Micha Kaufam and Shal Wininger started this Israeli-based website in 2010. Gigs can be offered for just $5, but you can also make more from add-ons and upgrades.
  • Mechanical Turk: Also known as MTurk, Amazon’s resource is for doing ‘human intelligence tasks’, which the community usually just calls HITs. Each hit pays small fees, so it’s a volume business. However, if you have the right skills and enough spare time, you can generate a bit of income online here.
  • Flippa: If you’re resourceful at buying and selling different websites for profit, then Flippa is a good place to visit, if you really know what you’re doing. Flippa has a higher-end counterpart where can also buy and sell websites that generate income, which is Deal Flow Brokerage.
  • Etsy: The popularity of this site has actually declined off its peak, but it’s still a dominant source for selling your handmade items over the Internet. You don’t need a merchant account, complicated e-commerce site, or automation of any kind. Etsy takes commissions from each sale, and they also charge nominal listing fees for every item. However, there are many using Etsy as a primary income source. One great feature is how you can sell off digital products, like poster designs.
  • iStockPhoto/Shuttestock: Do you have a good eye in terms of photography? Why not sell your photos on these leading photography sites? You’ll have to have a bit of design software skill for this one, but if you do, it’s a great opportunity for passive income.
  • Threadless: This is based in Chicago and very similar to CafePress. You can sell your digital designs in specific merchandise forms, like beach towels, mugs, phone cases, and t-shirts.
  • Zazzle: Robert Beaver’s resource is an effective place to sell things online. It’s a bit similar to Etsy, as you can sell art, handmade items, and various customizable products. Nearly anyone can make money selling various things online here.

3. Sell Your Stuff

Selling off your own stuff is a great first step into the world of e-commerce. You can do it with your own website, but that involves a lot responsibility, including a lot of technical stuff. You need a hosting account and a website just to start. Then you’d also need a merchant account through someone like PayPal or Stripe. After that, you have to design the website, build up your sales funnel, come up with a lead magnet, and even start engaging in email marketing.

That’s not all. You also get to dive into the fun that is warehousing, fulfillment software, e-commerce software, refunds, and all things customer service. Still want more? Good, because you also have to deal with generating traffic, social media campaigns, Facebook ads, search engine optimization…get the picture yet? It’s a ton of hard work, and even more so if you’re flying solo. Sure, you could launch something on Amazon, and that can be easier. Then again, you’re going to lose profit margin to them, so you’re either totally committed or not

Shopify: Would you like to have your own store? Just do it on Shopify. You can install the WooCommerce plugin to operate a store just from a blog. You have to pick a way you can process payments and get an SSL certificate, but that can be much simpler and faster than what I already walked you through.

FBA: Fulfillment by Amazon is a way to start selling things on the biggest online store across the globe without having to worry about traffic and infrastructure. You do need to pay them a commission, but for that, they automate nearly everything for you.

Drop-shipping: Amazon provides one kind of drop-shipping, obviously, but you can find other resources where drop-ship products are something you never physically touch yourself. All you have to do is make sales. Consider providers such as Worldwide Brands and SaleHoo, among others.

High-Ticket Coaching/Consulting: You might sell things like this on your own through a website. You still need to have your own website, sales funnel, merchant account, and lead magnet, among many other things. However, you can earn a lot of money from every single client, making the involved setup well worth it.

4. Learn Affiliate Marketing

There are many resources for affiliate money making online, since you can source products through options like Impact Radius, Share-a-Sale, Rakuten Marketing, Commission Junction, and ClickBank. Also, many bigger companies have their very own affiliate programs too. Do your homework to find a business with products or services relevant to your audience.

In certain instances, you are going to need your own active website with significant traffic for approval. Affiliate selling isn’t all that easy, but with the right audience, you can certainly generate good income from doing this.

5. Blog Life

If you are really determined to make money on the Internet, then you need to get a blog going. Blogging isn’t just one of the easier ways to produce income online, but also one of the more stable. So long as you establish your blog properly, and in an effective niche, then the combination of targeting a good audience with great content and a complementary offer, you stand to generate seriously good passive income by using a blog.

There are many that think about all the supposedly hard work that goes into starting a blog, and yet when you learn the specific steps necessary, it actually turns out to be much simpler than you might currently assume. Everything starts with the choices involved with finding a profitable niche and choosing a great domain name. Once you do that, start creating your offers. It’s easy to sell things such as ebooks, mini-email courses, and various training sessions.

6. Email Marketing

If you want to do online marketing, then you should set up email software you can use to make a lead magnet which is useful in the right sales funnel. Next, start building your list up. It’s frequently said that you can probably generate a $1 of income each month for each subscriber. So, if you generate a list of 1,000 subscribers, you’re going to get about $1,000 each month. You have to deliver real value, and you can’t pitch them with every single email. However, it’s definitely an achievable goal within a short timeframe.

You can get people onto a list many different ways. Lead magnets are but one resource. For instance, you can make cheat sheets, checklists, and ebooks. You can also consider content upgrades, like PDF versions of articles that have additional resources. Consider your audience and anything you can serve them better by offering. Treat them with a good level of respect, and you’ll stand to benefit sooner or later.

7. Training Through Webinars:

Webinars might just be one of the more profitable ways of making a lot of money online. You have to arrange for an audience you can train, and you also have to be an expert on your subject matter. This typically means having a functional website and something more than a nominal presence online. On the other hand, some do webinars without having any of that. For instance, if you have a strong social media crowd following you, then you might be able to train them weekly about doing things specifically with social media. However, you have to embed some sort of product to sell sooner or later. You don’t have to fret about that early on, though. In my own personal experience, GoToWebinar is the most effective webinar platform available.


Regardless of what path you pick to make your online money, keep in mind that some routes lead to fast money, but if you want the real returns, you have to invest a lot of sweat equity. Having said that, a year from today, you can look back and be proud of the decision you made. Always remember that time is so much more precious than money. Emphasizing the creation of streams of passive income eventually frees up your time, opening the door to leaving the rat race and spending your life on anything that matters to you the most.

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